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Woman fined $500 for damaging landlord’s car

Magistrates Court (photo by Glenn Tucker)

A 64-year-old Devonshire woman has been fined $500 for wilfully and unlawfully causing $150 worth of damage to a windscreen wiper.

Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday that Carla Eve had been served an eviction notice at her Devonshire residence by her landlord and a bailiff on May 18 when she damaged her landlord’s car.

She then returned into the home and barricaded herself inside. Police attended, Eve was arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station where she admitted the offence during an interview. “I feel like I was provoked into doing that,” she said in court today, claiming that she had not been reimbursed for the landscapers she had paid for in 2014.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo, however, noted that Eve had a history of causing damage as far back as 1972, adding “you’re in the business of causing damage”.

“You look small and harmless but you’re not harmless.”

Mr Tokunbo then put it to Eve that she had no intention of repaying the $150 and she agreed. He convicted her of the offence and fined her $500.

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