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Convicted drug dealer gets another year

A man already serving a sentence for drug possession was given another year in jail after he admitted similar charges.

Sabian Hayward, 35, pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine with the intent to supply.

He also admitted having a set of scales and $3,850 in drug money.

Magistrates’ Court heard the drugs, cash and drug equipment were seized by police after they raided the home of Hayward’s mother in Pembroke, where he also lived.

Hayward told officers that there were no drugs in the house, but that money from the sale of drugs was in an envelope inside his bedroom closet.

Officers searched the closet and found an envelope containing $2,250, plastic bags holding 7.73 grams of crack cocaine worth $2,425 and the scales,

Police also found $1,600 in Hayward’s wallet, which he also admitted was the proceeds of drugs.

The raid happened on December 7 last year.

Susan Mulligan, Hayward’s defence lawyer, asked magistrate Tyrone Chin to treat the defendant as a first offender.

She explained that the defendant’s wife, children, mother, and mentally disabled brother, who all live in the same house, relied on him for financial support.

Ms Mulligan added: “He has had every blow imaginable delivered to him, and he has likely learnt his lesson.

“No one deserves to be judged by the sum total of the worst aspects of their lives.”

The court heard Hayward was serving a 12-month sentence for cocaine possession after an earlier conviction.

Mr Chin jailed Howard for a total of three years — one year for each offence — but ordered that the sentences run concurrently from the end of his present jail term.

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