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Impaired boat driver fined $1,500

The driver of a motorboat was fined $1,300 after he admitted giving police a false name and refusing to take a breath test.

Jamal Simmons, 38, was also fined $200 after he pleaded guilty to the creation of wake in a five-knot no-wake zone.

But he denied a charge of using offensive words to a police officer and piloting his craft while impaired.

The Crown offered no evidence on the two charges.

Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday that marine police on patrol in Paradise Lakes, in the Great Sound off Warwick, saw the defendant’s boat travelling at high speed and creating a wake on August 19.

Simmons was pulled up by police and he told them it was “not that serious” and that his name was Arthur Tucker.

Police became suspicious after Simmons had trouble spelling “Arthur”.

A check revealed that he had given someone else’s name.

Simmons swore at officer when he was arrested.

He also swore at police when asked if he had been drinking, although he confirmed he had been.

The court heard Simmons continued to use offensive language and refused to give a sample of breath.

Simmons, from St George’s, told magistrate Tyrone Chin that he became angry because the officers would not let him see his children, who were on another boat, after he was arrested.

But the magistrate said that was no excuse. Mr Chin added: “The language is quite startling. You wouldn’t want your children repeating that.”

Simmons was ordered to pay the $200 fine for creating a wake and $300 for giving a false name by the end of the day,

He was given until December 12 to pay $1,000 for the refusal to take a breath test.

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