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‘Prolific’ traffic offender jailed for six months

A repeat offender was jailed for six months yesterday after he admitted eight traffic offences in less than a month.

Cavin Francis, 22, of no fixed abode, was also fined a total of $5,050 and banned from the roads for seven years.

The sentence follows the five months in prison Francis served last year for a July 2017 accident in which he admitted driving without insurance and two men were injured.

Shachkeil Burrows, then 24, had his right leg amputated above the knee and Dakai Grant, then 22, lost part of his right foot.

Yesterday, Magistrates’ Court heard that police spotted Francis at a traffic light on Court Street in a car they suspected was uninsured.

Francis was signalled to stop, but he sped away and led police on a high-speed chase throughout the Middletown area.

Prosecutor Karen King said that Francis ignored two stop signs at junctions along Angle Street during the pursuit.

She added that the defendant abandoned the car in the Elliott Street car park and ran towards Princess Street on foot.

Police caught up with Francis on foot and arrested him on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Police later confirmed that Francis had been disqualified from all vehicles until January 1, 2021 after a drink-driving conviction last year.

Francis was charged with driving while disqualified, failure to stop for police, dangerous driving, driving an unlicensed car, and driving without insurance.

The incident took place in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Magistrate Juan Wolffe sentenced Francis to three months in prison for driving while disqualified.

He also banned the defendant from the roads for four years, fined him $3,700 and placed 17 demerit points on his licence. Mr Wolffe went on to call Francis “one of the most prolific traffic offenders we have”.

He added: “I specifically remember us having a long conversation last year about how you were going to clean up your act.

“I could have incarcerated you back then, but because you’re a young man I thought you could turn your life around.

“I gave you the chance to do better but you squandered the opportunity I gave you.”

The court also heard that Francis was earlier charged with driving an unlicensed motorcycle without insurance and while disqualified from driving.

Mr Wolffe sentenced Francis to a further three months in prison for driving while disqualified and banned him from the roads for another three years.

He also fined him a total of $1,350 and issued four demerit points for the other two motorcycle offences.

He ordered that the sentences should run consecutively.

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