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Magistrate still has not returned to the bench

Magistrates' Court: not yet back on the bench

A magistrate arrested after a car crash in January is still on police bail, a police spokesman said yesterday.

It is understood that Khamisi Tokunbo and another man were taken into custody after a car crash on South Road in Paget in January.

Neither man has been identified by police.

A police spokesman said: “The 64-year-old man is still on police bail and the matter is still being investigated.”

Mr Tokunbo has not sat on the bench since his arrest. Government House declined to answer questions about Mr Tokunbo.

The questions included whether he was still a magistrate and if he had served as acting senior Magistrate in February.

A notice posted on January 9 announced that John Rankin, the Governor, had approved the appointment for a one- week period from February 11 to 18.

A spokeswoman for Mr Rankin said: “Government House does not comment on personnel matters.”

Larry Mussenden, the Director of Public Prosecutions, also declined to comment. He said: “I do not speak for, or about, magistrates.”

The car the men were in left the road and plunged down an embankment near the public entrance to Elbow Beach about 8pm on January 19. The pair were helped out of the car by a passer-by and the other man was taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

Mr Tokunbo did not respond to a request for comment.