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Man claims knife was for protection

A man caught with a knife in the street claimed he carried it to protect himself against a vengeful ex-girlfriend.

Police arrested Darren Anglin after they received a complaint, Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday.

Officers saw Anglin, 33, throw up his arms and spotted an object fly out of one of his hands as they approached him on Par-la-Ville Road in Hamilton.

They found the object, a folding knife with a 3.5-inch blade.

Anglin, from Hamilton Parish, told the court he carried the knife because a former girlfriend had sent people to hurt him.

He said: “The main reason why I carry the knife is because I’m fearful of my safety because this woman has caused me harm.

“She has sent people to my house to cause me harm. I have been chased twice walking home at night, so that put me in a state of fear.”

The incident happened at lunchtime on April 1.

Anglin told the court he had been in custody since his arrest because he could not find anyone to guarantee his $1,500 bail.

Magistrate Maxanne Anderson extended Anglin’s bail for sentence next month, but refused to change his bail conditions.

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