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Charges withdrawn against lawyer Worrell

Kamal Worrell

A string of assault and wounding charges against a lawyer have been withdrawn two days into a trial.Prosecutors submitted a nolle prosequi, a request for an indefinite adjournment to the case, at the Magistrates’ Court trial of Kamal Worrell on Tuesday.However, Mr Worrell, 39, asked magistrate Craig Attridge to dismiss the case for lack of evidence so he could not be charged with the alleged offences again.He said: “At all previous times, despite the withdrawal documents and all sorts of protestation by the complainant in terms of having these proceedings dropped, the prosecution has indicated at all times that they will proceed in the public interest.“How can the public interest now change after the prosecution has already made their case?“That should’ve been done for the right reasons and, consistent with the overall duty upon the Department of Public Prosecutions, it should’ve been done earlier.”Mr Worrell, from Warwick, earlier denied several charges that he assaulted Chavelle Dillon, 26, his partner and mother of his baby son, in 2018 and 2019.He appeared in court on August 28 last year and pleaded not guilty to assaulting and wounding Ms Dillon on June 1, 2019, in Warwick.Prosecutors said last October that they planned to proceed with another six counts of similar offences alleged to have happened on November 14, 2018, that had been withdrawn by Ms Dillon.She dropped all the complaints against Mr Worrell earlier this year, but prosecutors confirmed on January 22 that they still intended to continue the case “as a matter of public interest”.The trial started on Monday after it was delayed twice.Ms Dillon told the court on Monday that many of the claims made in her statements to police were “untruthful” and made while she was agitated.She added that she was frustrated and under stress as a young mother and suffered from postnatal depression.Ms Dillon explained: “I get easily angered, especially when somebody tries to say something that I don’t like.“When people are enraged, they don’t actually process things clearly and in that moment I felt that this was what he did. My thoughts weren’t clear until a couple days after.”She added: “This is my child’s father. We’re working things out. We’re going to have our differences, but in some way or by some day things are going to get better.”Mr Attridge accepted the nolle prosequi and discharged Mr Worrell.He added that the case was “a lesson in when to proceed and when not to proceed”.Mr Attridge said: “It seems that sometimes in this jurisdiction we pursue some cases to an extreme extent.”Maria Sofianos, for the Crown, said: “I think this case, if anything, is showing that more cases should be dealt with in a certain way.“Often these types of cases don’t get the full attention that they could get and I think it could be dealt with more swiftly — sometimes they have different outcomes the longer that they go on.”• It is The Royal Gazette’s policy not to allow comments on stories regarding criminal court cases. This is to prevent any statements being published that may jeopardise the outcome of that case.