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Prison for man who violated probation

A convicted robber was imprisoned yesterday after he returned to the island from Britain without informing his probation officer.Kyari Flood, 20, was sentenced to a total of 27 months behind bars after he admitted the breach.Magistrates’ Court heard that Flood was sentenced to three years’ probation after he pleaded guilty to two offences of robbery, said by prosecutors to be “street mugging-type offences”.Details of the robberies were not read in court, but in one of the incidents Flood and two other teenagers kicked and punched a man outside of the Fairmont Southampton hotel and stole his watch, phone and a speaker on New Year’s Day 2018.Flood was on probation for theft and obtaining stolen goods convictions from 2016 at the time of the robberies.Flood was given permission to move to Britain to live with his father while on probation for the assault and theft.But the court heard he failed to remain in contact with his probation officer, returned to Bermuda without informing probation services, visited areas he had been ordered to avoid and also tested positive for cannabis and alcohol.Victoria Greening, who represented Flood in the online hearing, said he had committed the earlier offences when he was aged 16 and 17, and had stayed out of trouble when in Britain.She added he returned to Bermuda after his relationship with his father broke down and, while he should have immediately told his probation officer about the move, he had been “frank and forthright” since then.Ms Greening added that Flood was told in March that he had to return to Britain inside two weeks, but the coronavirus pandemic made that impossible.She said that Flood had been offered a place to stay in Bermuda by an aunt.However, Cindy Clarke, the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, highlighted that the address was not suitable because it was in an “exclusion zone” where Flood was not allowed to go.Ms Clarke said that Flood had misled his probation officer over when he had returned and had also failed drug tests.She added: “His probation officer said he is no longer suitable for a community-based sentence at this time.”Flood told the court: “I’m ready to accept anything that happens. I accept responsibility.”Magistrate Maxanne Anderson revoked Flood’s probation order and sentenced him to 15 months in prison for each of the robberies, with the sentences to run concurrently.She also revoked probation and sentenced him to 12 months on the earlier theft and stolen goods charges.Ms Anderson ordered that the robberies sentence and the 12 months sentence should run consecutively — a total sentence of 27 months. But she said that the ten months served before he was sentenced should be taken into account.