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Man admits assault on his mom over missed ride for Covid-19 test

A man who admitted an assault on his mother because he missed a lift for a Covid-19 test was ordered yesterday to have a mental health assessment.

Percy Smith, 23, pleaded guilty at Magistrates’ Court to an assault on his mother, as well as to two counts of wilful damage to property.

The court heard that Smith, from Devonshire, and his brother were scheduled to be tested for Covid-19 last Saturday, but his brother left for the appointment without him.

Shaunte Simons, the Crown prosecutor, said that Smith became “extremely angry” and could heard breaking glass in the living room.

The mother saw from her bedroom that Smith had broken their television screen and a wall-mounted mirror.

Smith approached his mother and pushed her on to her bed and said “I f*****g hate you”.

Smith later followed his mother to the kitchen and pushed her again, and she hit her lower back on the kitchen counter.

He also went into his brother’s home office and damaged two arcade joysticks, a microphone and an LED light, which had a total value of $1,180.

Smith’s mother called the police and Smith was arrested for wilful damage and assault.

He refused to be interviewed by police after he was taken to Hamilton Police Station.

He told officers: “I just want to say sorry to my mama, that’s all.”

Smith told the court yesterday that he could not control himself when he lost his temper.

He added: “I don’t have anyone to talk to about this so I just bottle it up.”

Smith said that he wanted treatment and was prepared to take part in family therapy.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe released Smith on $2,000 bail and adjourned the case until January 26.

He ordered a social inquiry report along with the mental health assessment and ordered Smith to stay away from his mother and brother.

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