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Man jailed after contacting Premier in breach of bail

A man who denied sending threats to the Premier was jailed overnight today after he admitted contacting David Burt despite his bail conditions.

Jared Gordon, 31, admitted in Magistrates’ Court that he contacted Mr Burt three times over the past week over a personal matter.

But he told the court he had no intentions of threatening him.

Mr Gordon said: “I didn’t want to harass him, I was just trying to bring this to his attention.”

Mr Gordon, from Sandys, was charged on July 17 last year with posting a message to David Burt on social media that was “menacing in character”.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence, which was alleged to have happened on July 15 that year.

Mr Gordon was released on $3,500 bail on several conditions, which included avoiding social media, particularly for the purpose of contacting Mr Burt, and to not go within 200 yards of the Premier or his home.

But the court heard that Mr Gordon, from Sandys, sent two e-mails to Mr Burt on Wednesday and messaged him over Twitter on Monday.

Mr Gordon said that he struggled to have a case settled by the Department of Immigration and thought bringing it to Mr Burt’s attention would get it resolved faster.

Alan Richards, for the Crown, told the court that Mr Gordon should be imprisoned for his breach of bail, regardless of what his intentions were.

Simone Smith-Bean, for the defence, admitted that her client needed to be reminded that he was not allowed to have any contact with Mr Burt, but added that jail time was not the way to do so.

She added: “Mr Gordon’s exuberance sometimes gets the better of him.”

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe said that Mr Gordon needed a “short sharp shock” and sentenced him to to one day imprisonment.

He said: “I have made it very clear that any contact, whether innocuous or not, with the Premier was a violation of your bail conditions.

“I told you before that if you broke these conditions then I would imprison you and I don’t bluff, Mr Gordon.”

Mr Wolffe added: “I’m going to remand you in custody for a night to teach you a lesson, but if you breach your bail conditions again I’m going to lock you up until this matter is resolved.”

He adjourned the case until January 29.