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Rider with 'horrendous traffic record' fined $4,000

Magistrates' Court (file photograph)

A man who claimed to be escaping muggers when he was caught drink driving while banned from the roads was fined $4,000 and disqualified for a further two years last week.

Quadir Maynard, 27, told Magistrates’ Court that he was “fighting for” his life when police found him on his motorcycle with more than double the legal limit of alcohol.

But senior magistrate Juan Wolffe refuted the claim, saying “that doesn’t make sense to me”.

He added: “You probably have one of the most horrendous traffic records I’ve seen.

“You’re in and out of these courts on a regular ... that’s why you were trying to run from the police.”

Maynard pleaded guilty on Wednesday to drink driving and driving whilst disqualified, as well as riding an unlicensed and uninsured bike.

The court heard police were on Trimingham Road, Paget in the early hours of January 24 when they saw Maynard ride through the South Roundabout and along South Road in the wrong lane.

Officers followed him to the southern entrance of the Botanical Gardens and activated their emergency lights to urge him to stop.

But Maynard made a U-turn and travelled in the opposite direction before he lost control and slid out.

Officers asked Maynard why he was out past curfew and whether or not he had been drinking.

He said he was “coming from a party at Azura”.

Police arrested Maynard on suspicion of drink driving and took him to Hamilton Police Station where they demanded a sample of breath for analysis.

The test showed Maynard had 167 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 80mg/100ml.

Maynard was already banned from the roads for a year and was not set to return until March 30. His bike was also unlicensed and uninsured.

Maynard, from Pembroke, told the court that he rode his bike to escape four men who planned to take his money and jewellery.

He said a friend had taken him to the party on his bike, but left before him with a different ride home.

Mr Wolffe banned Maynard from the road for two years for disqualified driving and 18 months for drink driving.

He ordered that the two driving bans would run concurrently but would only start at the end of Maynard’s current road ban.

Mr Wolffe also fined Maynard $4,000 and ordered him to pay by May 17.

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