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Dog owner in court over alleged pitbull attacks on family pets

A dog owner was yesterday charged with owning two pitbulls alleged to have savaged several family pets.

Kiare Hollis, 41, pleaded not guilty in Magistrates’ Court to keeping a male pitbull, named Cuddles, and a female pitbull, named Grace, that killed three other animals and injured another.

It was alleged the dogs killed a black and white cat named Emily, owned by S Kessaram, as well as a miniature pinscher named Bella and a Jack Russell terrier called Lee, both owned by owned by a family called DeSilva.

Mr Hollis also pleaded not guilty to a charge that his two dogs injured another Jack Russell terrier called Jack owned by D Lewis.

The full names of the owners were not disclosed in court.

Mr Hollis further denied two charges of owning the dogs without a licence and two counts of receiving the dogs from an illegitimate source.

The offences are alleged to have happened in Hamilton Parish between an unknown date and February 5 last year.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe adjourned the case until April 19 and released Mr Hollis, from Hamilton Parish, on $3,000 bail.

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