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Two more people admit quarantine breaches

Another two people last week admitted breaches of the Government Covid-19 curfew.

Curtis White, 27, was fined $2,000 in Magistrates’ Court for a breach of the then-midnight to 5am lockdown.

The court heard that police stopped White on Cedar Avenue in Hamilton on February 6 around 12.20am.

He told officers when questioned: “I had to drop something off.”

White told the court that he had left his house keys at a friend’s house and had gone to pick them up.

Elizabeth Christopher, for the defence, asked for leniency because her client had not tried to “deliberately flout the law”.

She added that the coronavirus pandemic was under better control in Bermuda at the time of the offence and should be shown more leniency than those who broke curfew at the height of the major breakout.

Magistrate Tyrone Chin ordered White to pay his fine by June 4.

Chanel Smith, 30, also pleaded guilty to a breach of the midnight to 5am curfew.

Police stopped Smith’s car on South Road, Paget, on January 16 around 2am.

She told police that she had come from a small party at the Cambridge Beaches resort in Sandys.

But Smith told the court yesterday that a dinner with friends at the resort.

She added that she took a friend home and spent some time there.

Smith said she lost track of time and was caught on her way back to her home in Smith’s.

Ms Christopher told the court that her client would have difficulty paying a fine and asked for an alternative of community service.

Mr Chin ordered a social inquiry report to see if Smith was suitable for the programme.

He adjourned the case until June 18 and released Smith on $1,000 bail.

Seventeen people were charged last week with curfew breaches.

The number who admitted the offence was 13 and four pleaded not guilty.

Nine people who admitted curfew breaches last week are awaiting social inquiry reports before they are sentenced.

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