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Three fined for Covid curfew breaches

Magistrates’ Court (File photograph)

Three people were dealt fines in Magistrates’ Court this morning after they admitted breaching Covid-19 curfews.

The court heard Lauriena Rose, 38, was stopped on by police as she rode a motorcycle along Crow Lane at 12.35am on January 10.

The Paget resident apologised to the officers and explained that she had been at a friend’s house and lost track of time.

After she pleaded guilty, she told the court that she believed that she had been given a warning and asked why it took several months for the matter to come to the court.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe said it was a matter of the police and the Department of Public Prosecutions.

Crown counsel Kentisha Tweed added that matters received by the DPP must be reviewed before moving forward, and the process can take some time.

Mr Wolffe fined Rose $2,000 for the offence.

Kyle Hodsoll, 32, pleaded guilty to breaching curfew in an incident in St George’s on February 7.

The court heard the St George’s resident was stopped by police at 12.47am on Mullet Bay Road and said he was having “a difficult day”.

Hodsoll told the court that he had been in an argument with his wife and felt the need to leave the house to prevent it from escalating.

Mr Wolffe fined Hodsoll $1,000 given the circumstances.

Antoine Famous, 31, meanwhile admitted breaching curfew in an incident on December 20 last year.

Prosecutors told the court that the Pembroke resident was a passenger on a bike stopped on Crow Lane at 12.26am.

He told police that he had been at his girlfriend’s house and that she was taking him home.

Mr Wolffe fined Famous $2,000 for the offence.