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Impaired driver sent to DUI court

A woman was sent to DUI court yesterday after she crashed into a wall while she was two-and-a-half times the legal alcohol limit.

Aruna Lolljee, 44, pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court to impaired driving.

The court heard that Lolljee lost control of her car and collided with a wall on Sunset Pass in Pembroke around 7.16pm on May 9.

She did not suffer any injuries, but her car received extensive damage.

Lolljee contacted police about the incident, who interviewed her when they arrived.

When asked if she had been drinking, she said: “I only had one drink.”

Lolljee was arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station where she was ordered to give a sample of breath for analysis.

The test showed that she had 209 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 80mg/100ml. The legal limit is 80 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood.

Lolljee, from Pembroke, apologised to the court and said that she was unemployed and suffering from depression at the time.

She also requested to be sent to DUI Court.

Magistrate Tyrone Chin referred her to DUI Court, which took place later that afternoon, and released her on $1,000 bail.

He banned her from the roads until further notice.