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Magistrate warns drugs man about risk of a life of crime

The island’s top magistrate yesterday warned a man with a history of drug and alcohol abuse that he faced a lifetime on the wrong side of the law unless he tackled his problems.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe told Jaha Mallory, 37, that his escalation from alcohol to the use of crack cocaine suggested that he had a problem with substance abuse.

Mr Wolffe told Magistrates’ Court: “He could leave this court with a fine, but how is that going to help him if he doesn’t sort out his problems?

“Who’s to say that next time he uses it won’t be laced with something stronger?”

Mr Wolffe added: “I want you to prove me wrong here. Let’s hope that you don’t come before these courts for the rest of your life.”

He told Mallory: “Unless or until you sort out your issue with alcohol and drinking you’re going to have a problem.”

He was speaking after Mallory, from Southampton, admitted possession of crack in an increased penalty zone.

The court heard that police officers spotted Mallory on EF Gordon Square in Hamilton as he opened a brown twist bag.

Mallory tried to throw away the bag when officers questioned him, but they retrieved it and found a small off white-coloured rock inside.

He was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

Tests later revealed that the substance, which weighed 0.04 grams, was 75 per cent cocaine.

EF Gordon Square is close to a nursery, which made the area part of an increased penalty zone.

The incident happened on January 13.

Karen King Deane, for the Crown, told the court that Mallory had a history of alcohol and drug abuse and other criminal offences.

Mr Wolffe fined Mallory $1,500 and ordered him to pay by December 31.

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