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Man gets conditional discharge for assault on woman

A man was yesterday given an 18-month conditional discharge after he admitted an assault on a woman.

Magistrates’ Court heard that Teko Bean, 30, punched Evon Bean during a late-night argument.

The court heard that Ms Bean, who was in a romantic relationship with the defendant at the time, found him at his Hamilton Parish home with another woman.

The pair argued and Ms Bean tried to leave in her car, but she later stopped her vehicle and attempted to get out to speak with Bean again.

But Bean hit the driver’s side window and punched Ms Bean in her right cheek before he fled.

Ms Bean drove off, found two police officers and alerted them to the assault and Bean was arrested.

The incident happened on October 1 last year.

Charles Richardson, for the defence, said that his client accepted responsibility but that there was “a great deal of mitigation” and Bean disputed much of the evidence.

He explained that his client and Ms Bean were no longer in a relationship at the time of the offence but the victim refused to acknowledge the split.

Mr Richardson asked: “What is she doing at his house at quarter to midnight and why is she knocking on his window?”

Mr Richardson also suggested that his client did not punch Ms Bean, but had pushed her car door closed as she attempted to leave and that the door hit her.

He said: “How did he punch through a window that’s not down or broken?

“I’ve been doing this for a long time – I can smell an inaccuracy when I find one.”

Magistrate Maxanne Anderson sentenced Bean to an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered him to stay out of trouble.

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