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Participants share how mental health court programme is helping

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe and magistrate Maxanne Anderson during the final sitting of the Mental Health Treatment Court for 2021 (Photograph supplied)

During a ceremony to mark the Mental Health Treatment Court’s final session of the year, some of those being helped shared what they were thankful for.

For legal reasons, they cannot be named.

DD is still facing challenges, but he said that he continued to give as much as he could. “I’m not doing my best, but I’m putting my best foot forward.”

SP thanked the treatment court for its assistance, saying: “I’d be locked up if it wasn’t for you guys”.

EA said he was particularly grateful for the drug treatment programme Turning Point, with which he became involved through the programme.

“If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.”

JJ thanked the programme staff and the staff of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.

He said that he was grateful for simply being alive, adding: “I’m also grateful that I have somewhere to work and somewhere to stay.”

SB said that he was thankful for his probation officer, Russ Ford, and the opportunities that he gave him.

He added that he learnt that “through your weakness you’re made strong”.

JE said that he was grateful to be alive and learnt to appreciate “the big things and the small things”.

“I’m making wise decisions and choices in my life.”

JE said that he was thankful for the artistic hobbies he developed and that he looked forward to building on them.

BL said that while there were “many things I’m thankful for”, he most appreciated his family and freedom as well as his “health, wealth and life”.