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Man allegedly abducted over lost drugs suffered burns to almost fifth of body, court told

A man who claimed he was abducted and assaulted over lost drugs suffered burns over as much as a fifth of his body, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Christopher Milroy, a doctor, told the court that Jamar Dill had suffered second and third-degree burns over between 15 and 20 per cent of his body.

Asked what impact such injuries would have, he said: “The first thing is there would be pain.

“The pain is actually worse with the second-degree burns than the third-degree burns because with third-degree burns the nerve fibres are destroyed so there is less pain.

“He was treated with paracetamol, but that was not sufficient to control his pain so they had to introduce an opioid.”

He also added that, untreated, the burns could become life-threatening as they can become infected.

Dr Milroy told the court that the patterns of the burns was consistent with exposure to fire as opposed to chemical or electrical burns.

Justin Cameron and Jahni Holder, both 27, have pleaded not guilty to causing Mr Dill grievous bodily harm and depriving him of his liberty.

The incident was alleged to have happened on September 9, 2019 at Mr Holder’s home — four days after Mr Dill was arrested for possessing cannabis resin.

Mr Dill, who had earlier taken the stand, claimed that the two had slapped him repeatedly and that Mr Holder had forced him to wear a shirt soaked in lighter fluid that was later set on fire.

In a police interview shown to the jury this week, Mr Cameron said that he considered Mr Dill a friend and found it hard to believe that he would accuse him of the attack.

Mr Cameron told police that there had been a few times that he hit Mr Dill, such as when his behaviour delayed Mr Cameron in picking up his young daughter.

But he added that he never did it to harm Mr Dill and insisted that he never hit him while at Mr Holder’s house.

Both defendants yesterday elected not to give evidence in the trial or call witnesses, with Mr Cameron adding: “I stand by my interview.”

The trial is expected to continue with closing statements by the defence and the Crown on Monday.

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