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Man pleads guilty to threatening to blow up ex-girlfriend’s car

A man pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up his ex-girlfriend’s car, Magistrates’ Court heard.

A 30-year-old man threatened to blow up his ex-girlfriend’s car and shoot her, Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday.

The court was also told that he shattered her car rear window with a white bucket, destroyed her flower pot and threw a level at her.

Takiyah Burgess, for the Crown, said that Dennis Richardson, of no known address, told Vernae Leverock that he would “blow up her car” if he did not find his “bike plastics” in her dumpster.

“Mr Richardson also picked up a level and threw it at the complainant, which struck her in the arm and hand,” she said. “In the presence of police, Mr Richardson told Ms Leverock ‘I will shoot you in the face, I will get someone to shoot you’.”

Mr Richardson pleaded to seven charges and elected to be sentenced in Magistrates’ Court.

The charges were wilfully damaging a door, threatening Ms Leverock through spoken word and conduct on two separate occasions and threatening to damage her car.

He also pleaded guilty to damaging Ms Leverock’s car window, her flower pot and to assaulting her.

All of the incidents occurred at Ms Leverock’s residence in St George’s, between Tuesday July 26 and Sunday July 31.

Magistrate Craig Attridge ordered that a short-form psychiatric report and a social inquiry report be conducted for Mr Richardson.

He adjourned the case until September 1 for sentencing and ordered that Mr Richardson remain in custody until that time.