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Driver who crashed after looking away to console child fined

Magistrates’ Court (file photograph)

A driver who crashed with another car after looking away to console his child in the back seat was fined $800 last week.

Za’Khari Parsons avoided getting a driving ban after a magistrate said that the accident was “just a slip”.

Parsons, 24, of Hamilton Parish, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention when he appeared in Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Javone Rogers said that Parsons was driving his car on North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish, on February 8 when he looked away for a few seconds to console his crying child, who was in the back seat, and struck a car heading in the other direction.

Magistrate Craig Attridge said: “It sounds like you had a good driving record before this incident and that it was just a slip. Therefore, I will not take you off the roads this time.”

As well as the fine, Parsons had ten demerit points added to his licence.

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