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Two men fined $1,200 each for drinking and driving

Magistrates Court

Two men were each fined $1,200 after pleading guilty in Magistrates’ Court to driving while influenced by alcohol.

The court heard that on October 23, police saw Jahde Dowling, 29, from Hamilton Parish, driving his car strangely along North Shore Road and stopped him, and noticed that his eyes were red and his speech was slurred.

He admitted to drinking alcohol before driving and was banned from the roads for 18 months by magistrate Craig Attridge.

The court also heard that Nasir Wade, 39, from Sandys, got into a car accident on North Shore Road on October 28 and appeared unfocused when officers spoke to him at the scene.

In addition to being fined, Wade was suspended from driving all vehicles until further notice and asked to take part in the DUI Court treatment programme, to which Mr Attridge agreed.

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