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Alleged victim takes the stand in sexual assault trial

A woman told a Supreme Court jury yesterday that she blacked out on her way to a party and had no memory of having sex with a man.

The 22-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told a jury that she trusted an old friend to take her to the party after a disappointing night — only to wake up the next morning with no knowledge of what happened.

She added that the man, also aged 22, later hold her that “one thing led to another” the night before and the pair had sex.

The woman told the court: “I asked why he would take advantage of me in that state. I was upset and wanted to go home, so why not just take me home?”

The man, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty to a sex assault alleged to have happened on November 2, 2019.

The trial, in front of Acting Puisne Judge Mark Pettingill, started on Monday.

The woman told the court that she met a group of friends on the night of the alleged incident to go to a Hallowe'en party.

The group went to Docksider’s Pub on Front Street where they had several drinks and planned to go to Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club.

But the woman said that the friends split up after one of her coworkers had an argument with her boyfriend.

She said that she came across the defendant after someone in the group brought him to the bar. She said she knew the defendant before and considered him a friend.

“We’ve hung out, and we’ve spent time together before. He was my friend,” she told the court.

“I thought I could trust him enough to get me where I needed to go, because at that point I just wanted to go home.”

She told the court that he agreed to take her home, but then they decided instead to go to a party at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club.

She said that, at the time, she was intoxicated and that her memories of the incident had faded over time, but she said that she remembered being aware of her surroundings.

She added that the last thing she remembered was getting to the party, though she did not remember the ride there, before she woke up in her bed.

The woman told the court that she later contacted the defendant, who confessed to having sex with her after the party.

She added: “He said he took me home but I didn’t want to go inside yet. He asked me if I wanted to smoke and I said yes, so we went to Admiralty House.”

The woman said that her alleged attacker told her that “one thing led to another” and they had sex twice. When asked if she remembered any of it, the woman said: “Nope. None of it.”

She said that she never had any romantic feelings for the defendant.

The woman added that, once he admitted that they had sex, she went to Hamilton Police Station to file a report.

Elizabeth Christopher, for the defence, suggested that she started “talking dirty” to her client while at Admiralty House and encouraged him to initiate sex.

She also suggested that the woman asked the defendant to take her home, only to then get “hysterical” and “emotional” because she could not find a previous romantic partner at Bailey’s Bay.

But the woman insisted: “I don’t recall anything that happened after getting to Bay Club.”

The trial continues.

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