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Woman who used stolen credit card details to buy beauty products jailed

Magistrate Craig Attridge

A woman who used stolen credit card details to buy hundreds of dollars of beauty products has been jailed.

Magistrates’ Court heard that Ana Hill-Kaye, 32, also sold a fridge but never delivered it and kept the money.

Hill-Kaye appeared this week in court where she pleaded guilty to stealing $454.50 from Tracey Hoang and $180 from Mary Davis, using the funds to buy items from local beauty supplier Dove and Butterfly.

She also pleaded guilty to another charge of stealing $350 from Rhonda Johnson, in relation to the fridge.

The court heard that in April last year, Ms Hoang and Ms Davis saw unauthorised transactions made from their credit card accounts to Dove and Butterfly.

The e-mail address and phone number attached to the online orders belonged to Hill-Kaye.

Police questioned Hill-Kaye at her home, in Southampton, and while there found a sheet of paper with the banking information for several other people.

Police also looked at CCTV footage from the Front Yard, where Hill-Kaye formerly worked, from around the dates that the orders were placed and saw her taking a photograph of Ms Hoang’s credit card.

The court heard that in December, Hill-Kaye had listed the fridge for sale on Facebook and received banking details from Ms Johnson, who wanted to buy the appliance.

Ms Johnson found it hard to contact Hill-Kaye after giving her the banking information and was given an incorrect address to collect the fridge, which she has not yet received.

Hill-Kaye appeared in court last November when she denied the credit card charges and was given bail – however, she breached bail conditions and was remanded into custody in December.

Prosecutor Alan Richards suggested that Hill-Kaye be sentenced to an additional three months behind bars and ordered to pay back all of the stolen funds.

Aura Cassidy, Hill-Kaye’s lawyer, said that her client had reimbursed Ms Hoang and Ms Davis, and tried to refund Ms Johnson.

Magistrate Craig Attridge jailed Hill-Kaye for three months, not including the time already served, and ordered her to pay Dove and Butterfly $634.50.

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