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Repeat offender could be sent overseas for mental health treatment

Supreme Court

A man who committed a series of offences while avoiding court-ordered treatment may be sent overseas for psychiatric help, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe ordered Junius Caines, 54, to undergo two separate psychiatric exams and gave his lawyers and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Centre staff three months to find a suitable overseas hospital to care for him.

During Caines’s sentencing hearing for 11 offences, Justice Wolffe said that it was “obvious” that he was not suitable for a community-based sentence – but would likely not have the root of his problems dealt with in prison.

He said: “If he doesn’t receive the treatment he needs, he will continue to offend.

“It is imperative that all stakeholders to do whatever they can to address his deeply rooted psychiatric problems.

“This is not only to help the defendant, but to assist the wider public.”

Caines pleaded guilty to five counts of failing to comply with court supervision orders, which included staying away from drugs and alcohol; adhering to a curfew; wearing an electronic monitoring device and reporting to a probation officer; and completing psychiatric courses.

The court heard that Caines failed to comply with all of these measures between July 12 and December 9 of 2020.

These orders were put in place after he was released from jail for a serious sex assault.

Caines was further charged with two counts of theft and wilful damage, as well as prowling and committing and indecent act.

The court heard earlier that he was spotted last March in front of Travel Edge in Hamilton, where CCTV footage showed him forcing his way into the building and filling a bag with items before leaving.

The store’s owner was alerted to the break-in after the alarm was triggered.

Later that year, an employee at the Shopping Centre on Victoria Street, Hamilton, heard knocking on the inside of the manager’s office.

He later opened it and found a smashed window and $2,156 missing from a safe.

Police reviewed the footage of both incidents and recognised Caines, who they later found and arrested.

The court also heard that a manager at a store on the Old Cellar Lane on Front Street, Hamilton, was taking out trash around 8am on May 13 last year when Caines, who was watching nearby, asked if he needed any help.

The store manager declined but when he left the door open, Caines wandered in and he was eventually asked to leave.

Around 5.30 that same day, the same store manager saw Caines leaning on the side of the building and performing an indecent sex act.

The manager yelled at him to go away and later called the police, who recognised him from the CCTV footage and arrested him.

The same day, a 15-year-old girl at the Teen Haven support centre saw Caines knocking at her window and “rambling incoherently”.

She reported the incident to the staff there, who later reported it to police after Caines had left the premises.

Later that month on May 26, an employee at Clarien bank found a damaged deposit box with wires and duct tape inside of it.

A review of the CCTV footage showed Caines on the premises the night before, where he tried eight times to fish items out of the box before grabbing an envelope and leaving.

Justice Wolffe adjourned the case until May 15 and remanded Caines in custody.