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Senior ordered to start paying off $3,000 in parking fines

Magistrates' Court

A senior who racked up at least $3,000 in parking tickets has been ordered to start paying off the fines after she failed to produce a doctor’s note backing her claims about a medical condition.

Suzette Gowrie, 76, who appeared in Magistrates’ Court yesterday, was given until today to pay off $500 towards the total owed.

Magistrate Tyrone Chin, who made the order, added: “I don’t think I’ve seen a file so thick with parking violations.”

The court heard that Gowrie, from Devonshire, pleaded guilty last year to a slew of parking violations.

She told the court in December that she had a medical condition that made it difficult for her to walk farther than two blocks.

Gowrie was given until yesterday’s court hearing to provide a doctor’s note to verify her claims.

But she told the court hat she was seeking treatment at the Lahey Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, and had been unable to visit the clinic and receive a hard copy before her court appearance.

Gowrie instead brought a self-written note explaining that she was referred by a local doctor for treatment – but Mr Chin said this was not good enough.

He told her that she should have asked the Lahey Clinic for a scanned copy of a doctor’s note and printed it off instead of attempting to collect a hard copy.

The court could not confirm how many parking violation tickets Gowrie had received or how long it taken to collect them – but Gowrie admitted she was looking at no less than $3,000 in fines.

Gowrie was ordered to return on March 27 to see what was left to pay off and potentially work out a payment schedule.

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