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Two admit to drinking and driving, both banned from roads

Two men were ordered to enter the DUI Court Programme after they both admitted to drinking and driving last month.

Tiberio DeMedeiros, 60, from Sandys, pleaded guilty to driving on Somerset Road while impaired on April 25.

The court heard that at about 7.30pm that day, an off-duty officer was driving to work in her personal vehicle when she noticed the car in front of her slowing down and accelerating erratically.

As the vehicle drove over Scaur Hill, the officer saw it swerve repeatedly over the centre line, forcing a van to take evasive action.

She also saw the van almost collide with a motorcycle riding in front of it twice before the bike pulled to the side of the road to allow the car to pass.

The officer began to honk her horn to catch the driver’s attention, but when he continued to drive, she called 911 and reported what she had seen.

The court heard that DeMedeiros pulled to the side of the road outside St James Church, where the officer stopped and spoke to him.

During the conversation, the defendant admitted that he had consumed “a few beers”.

Senior magistrate Maxanne Anderson ordered an alcohol assessment on DeMedeiros and ordered him to attend the DUI Court Programme while banning him from the roads until a further court order.

Joseph Obadha, 41, from Devonshire, admitted to driving on Crow Lane while impaired on April 7.

The court heard that at about 1.55am that day, officers were conducting roadside sobriety checks when they stopped Obadha, who was travelling eastward out of Hamilton.

The officers noted that Obadha smelled of intoxicants and, when asked, the defendant admitted that he had two drinks that evening.

He agreed to provide a breath sample for analysis, with the first reading showing he had 172 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, more than double the legal limit of 80mg.

Obadha told the court the incident was a “poor lapse of judgment”.

The senior magistrate ordered an alcohol assessment on the defendant and ordered him to enter the DUI Court Programme, disqualifying him from driving all vehicles until a further court order.

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