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BCB presidential race - count me in says Bailey

Former International Cricket Council (ICC) qualification committee chairman Ed Bailey has officially entered the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) presidential race. The MCC member and prominent lawyer has confirmed that he will run for the top post during the BCB’s AGM later this month, thus ending speculation he could mount a comeback for the leadership of local cricket. “I have decided that I am going to run for the post of president for Bermuda Cricket Board because I have some great concerns,” he said. “In 1997 when I gave up office of the BCB president, Bermuda were number 13 in the world. But today we are in the World Cricket League Division Three, which by our own standards is unacceptable. “I am not pointing fingers at anyone for the failures or the cause for the decline in Bermuda’s cricket. But there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. “My first concern is whether Bermuda has alienated itself from the rest of the world, especially from the Caribbean. My first job if re-elected is to restore Bermuda’s ties with the rest of the world to regain the credibility and goodwill we had while I was there.” The former MP promises that the team he assembles, if given the opportunity, will be more transparent and inclusive than the current regime. “My administration will be more inclusive than the current because I would look for greater input and participation from the clubs,” he said. “I want to have an open door and make sure the administration will include everybody to approach all the fundamental problems that underline our failures. “Every agency, club or individual who have something to offer cricket will be included in our national cricket programme because this is not the time to be exclusive but rather inclusive to get Bermuda back among the top 13 teams in the world.” Also high on Bailey’s broad mandate to revive local cricket is tackling head on the anti-social behaviour and influences plaguing the sport. “My administration would discourage anti-social behaviour and encourage other agencies to assist with the healthy development of each and every player,” he said. “With a population of less than one percent that plays cricket, we have a very limited pool of players, and if there are challenges such as the social ills it’s important that we get the appropriate support for each and every player who becomes vulnerable to anti-social activities.” Bailey also wants a “mandatory policy” for cricket to be included in the school curriculum, especially at primary and middle school levels. If re-elected he said he would also rely on his international contacts and close ties with the MCC to aid in the further development of local players in overseas academies. “I would endeavour to see that as many players as possible attend cricket academies throughout the world,” he added. “This is the reason why I think it is very beneficial to ensure that we have not alienated ourselves as we have done before to allow our players to go to England, the Caribbean or any other Test playing countries.” Bailey has also vowed to create more opportunities for umpires, scorers and groundsmen to receive overseas exposure and training by “reunifying” Bermuda’s relations with all cricket nations. He also has plans to establish a “succession process” for a local coach to work with and eventually succeed current national coach David Moore once his contract with the BCB expires. Bailey also wants to see top Test teams tour the Island to help raise local standards, something he frequently achieved throughout his previous term as BCB president. “This is something Bermuda should do sooner rather than later,” he said. “because this gives maximum exposure to local players, umpires, scorers, groundsmen and other cricket lovers.” Bailey is the third candidate to declare their intentions to run for the BCB presidency at the upcoming AGM. Also running for the top post are BCB first vice-president Allen Richardson and former national team captain Clay Smith. BCB second vice-president Lloyd Fray is presently contemplating throwing his hat into the ring as well.

United Bermuda Party candidate Edward Bailey (right) chats with Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Scott durign the 2007 general election. Mr Bailey is running for a different post now - president of the Bermuda Cricket Board.