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Bay anger about more than ‘winning or losing’

Banned: Shaki Darrell will begin his 14-game Eastern Counties ban next week for threatening the umpires

The Eastern Counties Cricket Association have a meeting planned for this weekend as they try to resolve the controversy surrounding the first-round match between Cleveland and Bailey’s Bay.

The decision to restore Cleveland as champions on appeal angered challengers Bay who subsequently withdrew their team from participation in the tournament.

However, yesterday Arrim Perinchief, the Bay president, admitted that while the boycott of the competition will stand for the rest of this series, the club would be willing to participate in a process to change some things for the betterment of the competition. Bay are scheduled to host next year’s series.

“The decision that we made is bigger than just the decision going our way,” Perinchief said. “The decision we made is based on certain principles and the way they [the ECCA executive] are managing the competition.

“It is something that is bigger than just winning or losing, there are some serious flaws with their rules and even if we win, we don’t want to continue to play with those rules.”

One rule Perinchief would like to see addressed is the cut-off time of 7.20pm, which has no allowance for time to be added on for time wasting, something Cleveland did to great effect in the first round.

The ECCA are keen to have the issue resolved before next weekend’s match involving Flatts and have scheduled a meeting for this weekend.

Yesterday, Steven Douglas, the ECCA president, declined to comment ahead of the meeting, only to say: “We are working to resolve it, shortly we’ll be able to give some positive news.”

Perinchief has urged Bay fans who purchased plots for the three-match series to ask for refunds from the association.

The Bay official said there had been no communication with St David’s, the host club, who had a meeting last night to discuss the matter.

St David’s had issues with the previous administration under president Harold Millett five years ago and boycotted the competition for two years.

“With anything there is a process and for us to make any changes to the Eastern Counties that process has to be followed,” Perinchief said.

“In order for us to see the changes that we would like we will have to participate in that process. Whether it means voting for a new executive at the AGM, or voting for changes to the rules.”

Added Perinchief: “I’m not surprised by the [reversal of the] decision but what I am surprised by is the members of the Eastern Counties Cricket Association and the fact that they would condone such behaviour and allow those things to happen.

“I don’t think there is much wrong with the actual competition, but I do have a problem with the rule concerning the cut-off time. There is nothing in place for time-wasting.”