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Game will celebrate the team of 2005

Flashback: Bermuda celebrate after beating the USA in Northern Ireland and booking a place in the World Cup finals to be held in the West Indies in 2007

Bermuda’s 2005 ICC World Cup qualifying squad will be involved in a number of sporting and social activities this weekend as they commemorate the tenth anniversary of the team’s historical achievement.

Today squad members will attend a cocktail reception at Ocean View Golf Club hosted by the Bermuda Masters, while tomorrow the teams will play in a 25-over match at Sea Breeze Oval, to be followed by a golf tournament the next day at Ocean View.

“We are getting together for the weekend to commemorate making it to the World Cup which is what I would say is the greatest team sport accomplishment in Bermuda,” said Lionel Cann, who represented Bermuda at 2005 ICC World Cup qualifiers in Ireland and also at the 2007 ICC World Cup in the Caribbean.

“We are obviously disappointed that the Bermuda Cricket Board did not take up the opportunity to have anything for the ten-year anniversary of us qualifying for the 2007 ICC World Cup. The anniversary was actually July 7, and they wouldn’t give us a date throughout the season.

“We asked for a date and they didn’t give us a date, which is really disappointing.”

Drafted into the 2005 ICC World Cup qualifying squad as replacements for Saleem Mukuddem and Dennis Archer, who no longer reside in Bermuda, are wicketkeeper Kwame Tucker and Malachi Jones.

Tucker was a reserve at the 2007 World Cup, while a then 17-year-old Jones dismissed India’s Robin Uthappa, to become only the second player to take a wicket with his first World Cup delivery.

OJ Pitcher and Albert Steede are both unavailable for tomorrow’s match at Sea Breeze Oval through work commitments, while Cann will be limited to just fielding as he has yet to fully recover from a health condition that ruled him out of St George’s Cup Match selection this summer.

“The boys are looking forward to an exciting weekend and have been talking for the last month about getting together for a good experience,” Cann said. “We chose to play against the Bermuda Masters because they were the guys before us that kept the game going.

“It’s going to be a great weekend and we are encouraging everyone to come out to see a good game of cricket and the older guys in action.”