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For the love of the game

By the numbers: Fox has created a graphic showing all the facts and figures from 114 years of Cup Match (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

All the results and records have been produced in an exciting graphic by Rhiannon Fox to highlight 114 years of Cup Match, Bermuda’s most celebrating sporting event.

The St Georgian, a freelance information designer, came up with the idea and then began the painstaking process of compiling all the information, including the previous venues of Cup Match, the Royal Naval and Garrison Fields.

Fox’s graphic can be found on pages 52 and 53 of today’s newspaper.

“The graphic shows historical data of Cup Match from 1902 to 2015, it shows where it was played, what the result was and if there was a winner, the margin of victory,” Fox said.

“We also had when the location changed, the best bowling for a colt, longest Cup Match career, wicket on the first ball, most dismissals and catches in a match and best bowling in an innings.

“For Janeiro [Tucker], he’s got most catches, most runs and lead batting average, highest batting score.

“There are also 200-run partnerships as well and the MVP awards and Safe Hands awards.

“This is what I do as an information designer, it just started as a personal project.

“I have only been back home for two years now, I was working in the United States, and most of the work I do is not Bermuda related. I originally did a Bermuda census piece and then thought let me find Cup Match information.

“I love Cup Match, I think it’s such a historical and cultural piece of Bermuda and everybody rallies together around Cup Match.

“I called a lot of cricketers and reached out to as many people as possible, cricketers and historians, to find the data and information and that’s where Charles [Brown], Allan [Richardson] and Wendell [Smith] came in. I also spoke to the clubs who gave me permission to use this.

“IslandStats had a lot of records and then I had to research The Royal Gazette and Recorder archives so that was really interesting. This was all hand done and it took over 100 hours.

“Apex Physio has sponsored two prints, one each to the clubs, and bought one for themselves. It is a non-profit piece, just a personal thing I love to do. I also met Dean Minors and Neil Paynter from St George’s, Reggie Pearman and Jekon Edness from Somerset and everyone was great, really excited and very helpful.

“I couldn’t have done it without them and that’s why I thanked all of them. I hope people will enjoy it, delve into the information and use it for conversation.”

Fox added: “It was a way for me to add something really Bermudian to my portfolio, to show Bermuda what data visualisation and information design is because it really isn’t known, it’s a very new industry.”

• More of Rhiannon Fox’s work can be seen at www.rhiannonfox.com