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Cup Match nice guys all finish last

There won’t be a winner of the Warrington “Soup” Zuill Sportsmanship award for this year’s Cup Match, because no one stood out.

The committee, made of the commentary team of Allen Richardson, Wendell Smith and Dwayne Leverock as well as the two match umpires, Emmerson Carrington and Oscar Andrade, failed to come up with a strong contender, someone whose deportment warranted being nominated.

“No one really stood out, but on the other hand no one stood out as being bad, either,” Richardson, the committee chairman, said.

Last year Tre Manders of Somerset was the winner after getting an edge and walking immediately after Christian Burgess, the wicketkeeper, took the catch in the second innings. The year before Jason Anderson, of St George’s, was the committee’s choice after coming back to bat after breaking a finger.

“I thought the game went off without incident, to be honest, and it was difficult to pinpoint anyone who should have been selected,” Richardson said. “They appeared just to get on with the game. It was played in a good spirit.

“In the past when you had someone acting up you would have someone who gets in there and calms things. Or when there is some wrongdoing the good stuff is amplified even more.”

The award was introduced in 2010 in memory of Warrington Zuill, the Cup Match historian, with OJ Pitcher the inaugural winner.

“We talk about what we have to do before the match and then discuss it afterwards,” Richardson said. “We look at the game all day and take notes, and then we chat with the umpires as well. We’ve been doing it for the last six years.”

Richardson wonders why the commentators aren’t invited to deliberate in the MVP award as well, an award that has had its share of controversy over the years.

“It should be done by the commentators, we are watching the game from start to finish and we have the experience,” he said.

Sportsmanship winners

2015: Tre Manders (Somerset)

2014: Jason Anderson (St George’s)

2013: Terryn Fray (Somerset)

2012: Glenn Blakeney (St George’s)

2011: Damali Bell (St George’s)

2010: Oliver Pitcher (St George’s)

Show of sportsmanship: Manders stood out in 2015