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Teams named for Eastern Counties

Cleveland captain Steven Bremar

Captains Steven Bremar and Chris Douglas will take over the wicketkeeping duties for their teams in the Eastern Counties final between Cleveland County and St David’s at Sea Breeze Oval tomorrow.

Bryce Daniels, the Cleveland wicketkeeper, has been dropped, with Bremar taking over the gloves for the holders.

His opposite number, Douglas, will be the St David’s wicketkeeper after Chris Foggo was ruled out.

Cleveland made two changes to the team which beat Flatts in the previous round, bringing in colt Jelani Richardson, a fast bowler, and recalling spinner Isaiah Crieghton. One change was forced on the holders with Jabari Darrell, a colt in the last round, returning to school overseas.

St David’s have made three changes to the team that lost the title last year to Bailey’s Bay, with Ankoma Cannonier, Loren Marshall and colt Chare Smith coming in.

Cleveland County: Steven Bremar (captain), Maki Young (vice-captain), Misheal Paynter, Dennis Musson, Qshai Darrell, Isaiah Creighton, Curtis Jackson, Jaleni Richardson (colt), Dion Stovell, Maki McGowan, Lavar Talbot

St David’s: Chris Douglas (captain), George O’Brien (vice-captain), Delyone Borden, Ankoma Cannonier, Loren Marshall, Justin Pitcher, Lionel Cann, Macai Simmons, Rudell Pitcher, Chare Smith (colt), Cejay Outerbridge