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World Cup qualifier squad named

Full stride: Nirobi Smith-Mills of Southampton Rangers is in full delivery stride at Lord’s this season. The youngster will be a key member of the Bermuda Under-19 ICC Americas team which travels to Canada next month. (Photograph by Lawrence Trott)

Dalin Richardson of Somerset and Jaiden Manders of Western Stars have been named as captain and vice-captain of the Bermuda team for the ICC Americas Under-19 Regional World Cup Qualifier in Canada, next month.

The pair, along with Cleveland’s Jabari Darrell and Tybrae Robinson, are the experienced players in the 14-member team announced yesterday by the Bermuda Cricket Board, having played in the last Americas tournament two years ago.

Arnold Manders, the Bermuda head coach, is confident the team can put on a good showing against Canada, United States, Argentina and the Cayman Islands in the round-robin tournament which will run from July 6 to 15. The top two teams advance to the Under-19 World Cup in 2020.

“I think we have a good chance, we just have to do well in all the facets of the game — batting, bowling and fielding — and execute our plans,” Manders said. “I’m sure Canada and the United States are the favourites; they’ve been playing a lot of matches since the last tournament, whereas we haven’t.”

On the team’s involvement in the Evening Cricket League, Manders added; “I’ve done a lot of hard work with them, training since October and they have been improving every game. We’re still working on the mental part of the game.

“They haven’t had much time to play together other than the Evening League [which is only 16 overs. I would liked to have had some 50-over matches but we’ll just have to deal with what we have.”

It is a young team with most of the players eligible for the next tournament, including Jamar Stovell and Tai Cariah, who are just 15.

“Ori Wilson has already scored a half-century for PHC, Sharye Paynter has scored some runs for Somerset Bridge,” Manders added. “We have a bunch of medium-pace all-rounders and then a couple of spinning all-rounders. We have a camp coming up to involve the four guys from England in Isaiah Greaves, Jabari Darrell, Sancho Jackson and Jarryd Richardson.”