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Warwick man opts for prison instead of $1,000 fine for having cannabis

A 51-year-old Warwick man was given three months in jail when he appeared at Magistrates’ Court for possession of cannabis.Michael Raynor admitted having the drug on his person at Devonshire Dock on August 7.The court heard that at 7.23pm, police near the dock saw a group of men in conversation, spotting Raynor among them.According to Crown counsel Auralee Cassidy, Raynor noticed police, removed an object from his shirt pocket and tossed it into the sea. Officers approached to question Raynor and one retrieved the floating object.Examining the plastic twist containing plant like material, they asked Raynor about it, to which he replied: “It’s weed.”Arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station, Raynor remained silent when cautioned. The plastic twist was found to contain 0.7 grams of cannabis.Observing that Raynor had 1992 and 2001 convictions for possession of cannabis, Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner fined him $1,000 with three months’ imprisonment in default.Asked if he had the money, Raynor answered: “No. I’ll do the time.”Mr Warner told him: “Then you will do your three months from today.”