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Single mother admits importing $250,000 of cannabis

Single mother Shanae Vanderpool spent Christmas behind bars after admitting importing cannabis.

A single mother spent Christmas behind bars after she admitted importing $250,000 worth of cannabis.Shanae Vanderpool, 26, of Fenton Drive, Pembroke, pleaded guilty to conspiring to import a controlled substance and possessing a controlled substance.Crown counsel Cindy Clarke told Magistrates’ Court that Vanderpool arrived at LF Wade International Airport on an Air Canada flight on December 21.She collected her bags and was stopped by officers soon after.According to Ms Clarke, the officers became suspicious because of the way Vanderpool was dressed the trench coat and dress she was wearing would have been more suited to someone older than she appeared to be.They patted her down and noticed something attached to her thighs. Asked what it was, she responded: “It’s paper.”She later admitted that she had “about six” packages of cannabis taped to her legs.Police officers discovered seven vacuum-sealed bags wrapped around her thighs containing a total of around 2,500g of cannabis hidden under black stockings and a beige garter.That quantity of cannabis would sell for between $115,000 and $258,600, depending on how it was packaged, the court heard.Vanderpool pleaded guilty to both charges.Duty counsel Graveney Bannister requested that a Social Inquiry Report be carried out. He said that there were mitigating circumstances and that she had been cooperative with police.“She is the single mother of a six-year-old, and she has been unemployed for some time, since August,” Mr Bannister said.“During her life she has been faced with difficult situations. This offence by need more than greed.”Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner denied the request for a report saying it was not needed.He said he would hold off on sentencing until the New Year.Mr Warner remanded Vanderpool in custody until January 21, when she is expected to return for sentencing.