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Woman, two men found guilty of drug charges

Three people arrested in a raid at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess were found guilty of drug offences.Temiko Wilson, 23, was found guilty of six charges related to the Good Friday drugs bust, including possessing cannabis and cocaine with intent to supply.Erica Raynor, 38, was found guilty of two counts of permitting a room to be used for the misuse of drugs; Dayrion McCalla, 20, was found guilty of misusing a controlled drug. However Raynor’s son, Jahfari Raynor, 18, and Malcolm Augustus, 18, were both cleared of the charges against them by Magistrate Khamiki Tokunbo.Charges against a sixth person, 16-year-old Sadune Raynor, were dropped on Wednesday. The court had heard that at around 8.25pm on April 2, members of the Police Support Unit carried out a raid on a Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel room.Inside the room, the officers found six individuals and a thick cloud of cannabis smoke. A search revealed around four grams of cannabis and 1.69g of cocaine freebase, commonly known as crack.In a Police interview, Wilson said he found the drugs earlier that day on Victor Scott Field while flying kites and brought it with him to the hotel room.Wilson told the court that he was not selling the drugs, and had no reason to.“I have a job,” he said. “I have no reason to sell drugs, and I was not brought up that way.”But Mr Tokunbo explained that the charge of possessing with intent to supply does not necessarily mean that he is being accused of selling drugs.“I recall you told police in your interview that all the drugs in the room were yours and the drugs were passed around the room. It was a smoke filled room,” Mr Tokunbo said. “If they were doing drugs, and if they were all your drugs, then you were supplying.”After considering the facts of the case, Mr Tokunbo found Wilson guilty of possessing cannabis and cocaine with intent to supply, three counts of possessing cannabis and misusing a controlled drug.His girlfriend, Raynor was found not guilty to possessing cannabis and misusing a controlled drug, but was found guilty of renting the room for the purpose of misusing and supplying drugs.Mr Tokunbo found McCalla not guilty of possessing cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply, but found him guilty of misusing drugs.Mr Raynor and Mr Augustus were both found not guilty of misusing a controlled drug.The Magistrate released Wilson, Raynor and McCalla on bail, ordering both a Social Inquiry Report and a BARC report for all three. They are expected to return to Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on February 8.