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Police to step up armed patrols following spate of robberies

Police are stepping up the number of armed patrols after a spate of robberies involving weapons. At a press conference this afternoon Acting Superintendent Nicholas Pedro said police were seeing an increasing trend of robberies where people have reported that firearms have been displayed or threatened. “Since last Friday, we have seen three incidents where firearms have been allegedly displayed during the course of robberies,” said acting Supt Pedro. “Two incidents occurred last night involving suspects who brandished what is believed to be a firearm whilst robbing people, one in Smith’s, the second in Southampton. “Whilst we have not concluded that these events are connected, we are examining possible links between the two, and any such links will be confirmed or negated through the process of the investigation. “I wish to reassure the public that the Bermuda Police Service is utilising its full complement of resources to address these crimes, including the addition of further armed officers on patrol and enhancement of regular patrols. “Members of the public should take steps to ensure that they are maximising their own safety to prevent themselves becoming a target for criminals. Advice on our website is available for persons to peruse at length to ensure that they protect themselves and properties. However persons should always take steps to be aware of their surroundings and avoid dimly lit public areas whilst alone, that leave them vulnerable.” In relation to the armed robberies, acting Supt Pedro said police were keen to speak with anyone that has information in respect of: Ÿ Two suspects in dark or black clothing and shoes on a black and red step through motorcycle Ÿ Both were wearing dark crash helmets Ÿ Alleged to be in possession of a chrome or silver coloured firearm Ÿ Both subjects are black males in their late teens or twenties Ÿ Between 5ft 8in and 5ft 10in Ÿ One was wearing a red bandanna over his face Acting Supt Pedro also said police were keen to raise awareness about an increase in what they term ‘acquisitive’ crime, which covers crime where items are stolen or acquired fraudulently. This includes theft, burglary, robbery, and fraud. “Locally we have also seen an increase in the circulation of counterfeit Bermuda currency,” said acting Supt Pedro. “Recent figures show that the rate of burglaries is currently running at about 25 percent above what the level they were at for the whole of Q1 in 2011. To date in 2012, there have been 233 burglaries reported to Police, compared with 187 burglaries for the same period last year. “The Bermuda Police Service wishes to remind the public that there are many things they themselves can do to prevent these types of crimes being committed against them.” He added: “We are keen to speak with any member of the public that may have information on persons committing burglaries. There is no one description that links the increase in burglaries, suffice to say significant quantities of cash, jewellery, electronics, and other valuable items are being stolen. “The Bermuda Police Service is busy. To date in 2012, 14 people have been charged with burglary offences, with a total of 29 people having been arrested by police on suspicion of burglary across the Island, since the beginning of the year.” Acting Supt Pedro added: “We are seeing evidence that a small percentage of people are continuing to commit a disproportionate amount of crime. It will require the combined efforts of the police and the members of our community to prevent criminals from hampering our quality of life. “The critical factor in all of these incidents is the need to get assistance from the public. In recent criminal trials we have seen the benefit from members of the public coming forward to provide evidence or information that has assisted in bringing offenders to justice and I would urge anyone that has information regarding any of these events to contact the Bermuda Police Service directly on 295-0011 / 247-1185 (SCU) or on the confidential and independent Crime Stoppers Hotline on 800.8477. “Members of the public can also “tip off” the Police regarding persons they believe may be acting suspiciously in their neighbourhood, and Police will attend to check on the actions of the suspicious persons. These types of calls have proven very helpful in the past and quite often do not require the caller(s) to attend court and give evidence.” For more crime prevention information go to:

http://www.bermudapolice.bm/content/protecting-your-home and


Police are to step up armed patrols in the wake of a series of robberies involving firearms.