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Witness describes ‘crazy’ machete attack

Bermuda Police Service (photo by Glenn Tucker)

A mother said she was shocked by a brazen machete attack on a stranger, which occurred in front of numerous witnesses including her children.

The witness, who asked not to be identified, told The Royal Gazette that she was catching a bus into Hamilton yesterday morning when the attack took place at St David’s gate.

“I thought it was crazy,” she said. “I had my kids with me. They were really, really upset about it. The tourists were screaming because it was right there in broad daylight.”

She explained that sometime at about 10am, her bus was picking up passengers at St David’s gate.

At that time there was a large number of people in the area as the St David’s bus had just dropped off many of its passengers.

The witness said she noticed a tall, slender man look at the bus number, but then begin to walk back to the bus stop.

As he did so, the witness said a motorcycle pulled into the area, ridden by a female in dark clothing with a male passenger.

The passenger then got off the bike and attacked the slender man with a machete, saying something similar to: “Stay right there. I got something for you.”

The witness said: “He was trying to chop him, but the other guy was able to catch it with his hands. He probably injured his hands.

“He ended up on the floor with the machete underneath him so he really couldn’t do anything.”

As the bus pulled away, she said all of the people involved in the attack were still at the scene.

“There was nothing anyone could do because he had a machete,” she said. “A lady called 911, and as the bus was going by the Crystal Caves, we saw a police car speeding that way.”

She said the most disturbing thing about the attack was that it occurred in broad daylight with dozens of witnesses as if the attackers had no fear of being caught. The Bermuda Police Service was contacted regarding this story, but no official comment had been received as of press time.