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CCTV footage shows murder victim moments before he was shot at St David’s club

Murder victim: Ronniko Burchall was gunned down in St David’s in December 2018.

A jury yesterday watched video footage of a murder victim drinking at a bar minutes before he was shot.

At the trial of Taaj Muhammad, who has pleaded not guilty to the killing of Ronniko Burchall, the jury was shown video footage from the St David’s County Cricket Club taken in the early hours of December 29, 2018.

Mr Burchall, 30, was shot in the head at point-blank range in the club’s car park after a Christmas party and died in hospital the next day.

Detective Constable Christopher Sabean, of the police service’s serious crime unit, told the Supreme Court he spent more than 40 hours reviewing footage taken from CCTV cameras at the club.

He said he was also able to access video clips from social media.

The grainy footage from one camera in the club’s bar showed Mr Burchall enter at about 11.40pm.

He was caught on camera several times over the next 90 minute before he left just before 1.30am.

A second man, wearing a hooded top, could be seen to follow Mr Burchall outside.

Mr Sabean suggested that, in one clip, Mr Burchall appeared to have had too much to drink.

He added: “He appears to be wobbling at this stage — he does this several times.”

Footage from another camera outside the club showed customers on a balcony that overlooked the club’s car park.

The film showed customers rushing to the edge of the balcony and looking towards the car park moments after Mr Burchall had left.

A figure could be seen running.

Mr Sabean, questioned by Carrington Mahoney, for the prosecution, said he was able to identify Mr Burchall because he had known him for about ten years and had spoken to him on several occasions.

The trial, before Acting Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe, continues.

Mr Muhammad is represented by lawyer Charles Richardson.