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Police release security video of Devonshire Rec shooting

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Police released footage of a gun attack on Devonshire Recreation Club patrons, including this image of a gunman opening fire into the club (Photograph supplied)

Detectives investigating a double shooting at Devonshire Recreation Club have released video footage of the moment shots were fired.

Police released the footage of the attack which shows the arrival of a motorcycle outside the club, with the passenger dismounting, shooting and advancing on the main entrance.

It was followed by a shot aimed into the club.

The footage was made public this morning in an attempt to identify the gunmen, and the vehicle used in the attack.

Both victims, a man and a woman, have been released from hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening, police said this morning.

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith added that a “leaked” video that circulated last week had not been put out in the community by police.

The victims, aged 30 and 24, were taken to hospital in a private vehicle after the double shooting, which was reported to police by several 911 calls at 11.40pm last Thursday.

Mr Smith said that footage showed the arrival of two people on a motorbike outside the entrance to the club’s main hall. The driveway extends from the club to Frog Lane.

The passenger then fired “indiscriminately” into a group of people outside.

Mr Smith said there were five to ten people outside the club.

Images from video released by police showing a gun attack on Devonshire Recreation Club (Photograph supplied)

“The two people hit were hit while running inside the club, where there were approximately 20 to 30 people present.”

Mr Smith could not say whether the attack was believed to have links to gang activity.

There was “nothing specific that we can put our hands on definitely to say it is gang-related”.

Security footage release by police shows a gunman, left, pointing a firearm in the car park of Devonshire Recreation Club after dismounting from the motorcycle behind him (Photograph supplied)

But he added: “Since the end of December, we have had a particularly busy time with shootings in the city area.

“Many more people could have been shot and we are open to all lines of inquiry.”

He highlighted that the shooting had taken place at a popular community club where football training had been held that evening.

Images from video released by police showing a gun attack on Devonshire Recreation Club (Photograph supplied)

Mr Smith said “all lines of inquiry are open”.

“We must all do our part to make our community safe so that all of us can enjoy the freedom and movement in the community that we desire.”

Anyone with information can call the main police line on 295-0011, or contact Mr Smith directly on 717-0864.

He said any calls would be treated “in privacy and confidence”.

The public can also use the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline, 800-8477.