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Police appeal for patience over murder investigations

An image of two suspects in Thursday’s fatal shooting outside Warwick Workmen’s Club (Image supplied)

Police have urged the public to be patient as officers investigate the gun murders of two young men.

Laje Franklin, 18, was killed near Clearwater Beach in St David’s last Tuesday night, while Che Jennings, 24, was fatally shot outside Warwick Workmen’s Club on Thursday night.

A police spokesman said: “The investigation teams have constantly kept families informed and updated on the procedures involved and progress being made, immediately from the outset of these investigations.

“Specifically trained officers are assigned for this purpose.

“We understand and appreciate fully that families are grieving the loss of loved ones. However, there are protocols that the hospital authorities and the police must follow when these serious crimes occur.

The spokesman added: “This is not about being insensitive, but rather doing what is necessary to ensure the integrity of these investigations.

“We once again extend our condolences to the families of Laje Franklin and Che Jennings.”

It is believed that detectives are awaiting the arrival of a forensic pathologist from overseas to perform post-mortem examinations on the victims.

The spokesman urged anyone with information about the murders of either man to contact police at 211 or 295-0011.

Witnesses can also call the anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477 or provide the information to any police officer with whom they are familiar.