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19-year-old man murdered, another injured in shooting at Flatts

A 19-year-old man was murdered in a shooting in Flatts,

A man was murdered and another was injured in a shooting in Flatts yesterday morning, police said.

Officers attended after several reports of gunshots just after 1.10am in the area of Paradise Lane and Middle Road, Smith’s.

Patrol cars arrived at the scene and quickly sealed off the area.

A Bermuda Police Service spokesman said: “Upon arrival, officers found an unresponsive male with multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

“Officers commenced life-saving measures on the victim until the arrival of EMTs who continued emergency medical treatment.

“He was transported by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.”

The victim was said to be 19.

The spokesman added: “While officers were at the hospital a second male arrived seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to his arm.

“Both men were reportedly travelling west on a motorcycle, when the suspects – who were said to have been travelling in the same direction, also on a motorcycle – began shooting at them.

“The scene was processed by forensics officers and a number of spent shells were recovered.”

The spokesman said: “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a video circulating, showing the Flatts murder victim at the scene, before the police arrived.

“We are urging members of the community to be sensitive towards the victim’s family and not continue to share it.”

2022 murder investigations

Daemon Bell, 49, died in Shelly Bay on February 2 after what police described as an altercation. A man was charged later with his murder;

Laje Franklin, 18, was fatally shot near Clearwater Beach in St David’s on April 5;

Che Jennings, 24, was fatally shot outside Warwick Workmen’s Club on April 7;

Keyoshe Robinson, 22, was found on St George’s golf course on May 4. Police said he appeared to have been shot;

Keith Gordon, 70, was found dead in his Hamilton residence on June 11, the day after an altercation on Victoria Street. The incident became a murder investigation two weeks later.

Yesterday morning, Michael Weeks, the Minister of National Security, said: “My deepest sympathies at this time are with the family of the man who lost his life in Flatts.

“They are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of tragedy. I am also thinking of the other male who was injured during the same incident and pray for a speedy recovery.

“This morning’s news was disturbing to hear. The fact that another person has lost their life through such violent and unnatural circumstances has left me very disheartened today.

“As we enter the early stages of this investigation, I strongly urge anyone who may have witnessed this incident or may have information to come forward and assist the Bermuda Police Service.”

In the House yesterday afternoon, the minister said the victim was aged 19 and was “gunned down senselessly”.

Mr Weeks, the MP for Pembroke East Central, said that members of the man’s family were his constituents.

He added: “My plea to the community, if you see something, say something.

“I have said it over and over, others have said it. This is a community thing and as a community we have to say, enough is enough.”

Speaking in the House, Wayne Caines, said he felt “shock and horror” to hear about the fatal shooting of the teenager.

He said: “He was a member of Redemption Farm. This is one of the young men who came to Cabinet and we were excited about.

“This is a young man we saw making changes and strides.”

Michael Dunkley, the shadow national security minister and MP for the area – Smith’s North – said he was “devastated, shocked and very sad that our community once again is rocked by violence”.

“This small element of people who have no regard for what is right continue to tear out the soul of our community by their actions.”

He said that “to have people getting chased and shot at 1am – this should not be happening and too many people know what’s going on”.

“I have seen some of the social media going around. I find it totally against the grain for anybody with a heart to send pictures like this around.”

He added: “It shows all the work we have done to fight crime, violent behaviour and gangs amounts to very little unless we keep up the push.”

Mr Dunkley said he had been “shocked” the incident had not been addressed by any government MPs yesterday morning in the House of Assembly.

“This is a cancer in our community,” he said. “This is not us, but we are allowing it to become us.”

Community leaders call for an end to violence

A group of community leaders last night called on the public to come together to stop violent crime.

They said the violence could only be stopped through meaningful collaboration, involving all sectors of the community.

Speaking on their own behalf, Shervin Dill of North Village Community Club, Martha Dismont, formerly of the Family Centre, Glenn Fubler of Imagine Bermuda, Kim Jackson of Mirrors and Mark Wade of the Bermuda Football Association said: “We recognize that the cause of these symptoms will not be addressed overnight.

“However, with a commitment to a coordinated community approach, we will foster the needed transformation.

“The potential benefits of collaboration are being seen in limited ways, such as such as the ‘Peace Tree Campaign’ and the initiative ‘2gather Family Fun Fest’ which is taking place on Saturday at City Hall through the collaboration of a wide variety of stakeholders.”

They added: “Those of us who have signed off thus far are well aware that the spirit of this sentiment is shared by many. This latest tragedy is a call across the Island for all of us to renew our efforts.

“The wisdom of the saying ‘It takes a Village….’ offers a wise guidepost, as we all commit to working together in collaboration towards a better Bermuda.”

Anyone with information or who was passing through Flatts at the time and saw anything suspicious was asked to contact Acting Detective Sergeant Anneka Donawa of the Serious Crimes Unit on 295-0011.

The spokesman added that calls could also be made to the non-emergency number 211, Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 or “speak with a police officer you know”.