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Police officer dismissed for gross misconduct

A police constable was fired yesterday for “gross misconduct” after failing to admit witnessing a serious crime, according to Darrin Simons, the Commissioner of Police.

The terminated officer was not identified in a statement released by police.

The female officer is understood to have been a witness by association to a serious assault that took place in the West End, and who was not initially forthcoming in the investigation.

Mr Simons said that a special case hearing had been held in accordance with the Police (Conduct) Orders 2016.

He added: “This hearing was held because of matters arising out of a gross misconduct matter involving the former police constable.

“Following the hearing, a decision was reached today resulting in the former police constable’s immediate dismissal without notice.”

Mr Simons later issued a statement clarifying the dismissal.

“The former officer was a significant witness to a serious crime and then denied being present,” he said.

“The facts later came to light and after an internal employment process, the officer was dismissed for the dishonesty.”

The commissioner said that police maintained “standards of professional behaviour that officers are expected to uphold” and “it was determined that this officer’s behaviour fell well below that standard”.

But Mr Simons added: “The officer has a right of appeal and as such it would not be appropriate to release further information.“

The Gazette lodged a query with police on July 1 in the wake of information earlier received regarding the investigation.

A spokesman said on July 4 that as it was “an ongoing internal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time”.

A source familiar with the matter said at the time that the officer had attempted to resign from the police once she was under investigation for dishonesty.

She had proposed a resignation date and last working day – but an investigation continued.