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Murder victim Keni Outerbridge shot multiple times – police

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Murder victim: Keni “Loppi” Outerbridge was shot at 10.15pm, December 6, 2022, at the junction of Ord Road and Tribe Road No 5, Paget (Photograph the Bermuda Police Service)

The victim of Tuesday night’s fatal shooting on Ord Road, Paget has been named as 20-year-old Keni Outerbridge.

Mr Outerbridge had been at a party with friends before being gunned down at a property on Tribe Road No 5 at around 10.15pm.

He was found lying in the road suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead after being taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

One area resident, who asked not to be named, said that they heard gunshots and screams through their bedroom window.

The witness said: “To hear multiple gunshots and people screaming, in real life, and know that the shots were going into a person, was just awful.”

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Stableford suggested yesterday that the killing was gang-related – but would not confirm if Mr Outerbridge was known to police.

Appeal: Detective Chief Inspector Peter Stableford has said witnesses to Tuesday’s killing need to come forward (Photograph by Akil Simons)

At a press conference, Mr Stableford said: “Keni was known as Loppi to his friends and we know that he was out last night at a party on Tribe Road No 5.

“We need the people who he was out with last night to tell us what they know and saw.“

Mr Stableford said police were now hunting down two suspects who travelled to the crime scene on foot from South Shore Road.

He said that he had no descriptions of the suspects, but that information from witnesses had resulted in some leads.

Mr Stableford said yesterday: “At about 10.15pm last night, police received several calls reporting guns shots in the area of Tribe Road No 5 in Paget.

“I can confirm 20-year-old Keni Outerbridge suffered multiple gunshots wounds at the location and was later pronounced dead at hospital.

“A family liaison officer has been appointed to support the family and the investigation at this very difficult time.

“We believe two suspects came over Tribe Road No 5 from South Road on foot and left the same way but we have no descriptions or confirmation a vehicle was used at this time.”

Appealing to witnesses, Mr Stableford said: “Anyone who was with Loppi yesterday or has information that would help, to get in touch with the investigation team.

“Anyone with a dash camera, please check your footage from around 10pm to 10.30pm last night.

“That goes for video door bells and home CCTV systems – these persons had to ‘stage up’ somewhere, as it appears to have been a planned attack similar to other gang shootings.

“We do have early indications from CCTV that leads us to the conclusion that two persons were on foot and came across from the South Road side.

“We’ve already had help and assistance and support which is tremendous because it helps us focus and move the investigation down the right avenues. We’ve had a helpful response and people in the community are reaching out to us.

“What we do know from the scene last night was that there were people who were with Loppi last night who will talk to us.

“We need their help to tell us what they saw and what happened. But part of the community are coming forward.

“We know that these people have come from somewhere and gone back somewhere. That could be anywhere across the island.”

Mr Outerbridge, the ninth murder victim of the year, featured in a Royal Gazettearticle in 2017 when he volunteered to help a team in the America’s Cup sailing tournament.

Mr Stableford said that reprisal attacks were something that police had to factor in.

He said: “We do a threat harm risk assessment so it’s one of those things that we have to look at.

“We’ve been on this roundabout for a long time unfortunately and it is one of the considerations we look at.”

Mr Stableford added that just a handful of guns had been used in multiple shootings.

He said: “We know, that in these shootings, these same weapons are repeatedly used for multiple murders. That’s all part of a strategy that we look at in relation to forensics. The same weapons are being used and resurfacing. We keep the database current and the forensics from this case will be put into that database.

“But the important thing here is that we know that Loppi was with friends last night. We know that he was out with people and we need them to tell us what happened – because they were there.”

Mr Stableford said that the neighbourhood was known for having a gang “crew” but that gang culture was in a constant state of flux.

He said: “The dynamics of the gangs – and we’ve seen this repeatedly – is that it moves constantly, so we never blinker ourselves to say any one particular thing.

“This is somebody’s son and somebody’s grandson and they’ve been murdered. This is a murder investigation where somebody’s son has been taken from this community and I don’t care whether they’re known to the police or not, we still investigate it.”

Mr Stableford pointed out that the Bermuda Police Service had 32 murders still under investigation, along with 129 attempted murders.

He said: “We are still actively working on investigations going back ten years. We’ve got trials coming up next month from several years ago. We are always looking and reviewing to see where we’re at, we’re always engaging with people because situations change.

“Can I, hand on heart, say I’m going to make sure this is? … No, I can’t, because we’ve got unsolved cases and that’s the reality of what we’re dealing with and the point is we’re only part of the solution.

“The other part is the witnesses and the people that were there that give us the information that helps us solve these things and bring peace to the families.”

Anyone with any information about the killing is asked to contact lead investigator Acting Detective Sergeant Odessa Philip on 717-2193. Calls can also be made to the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.