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Policeman dismissed after conviction for crime against woman

PC Sean Simons has been dismissed (File photograph)

A police officer who pleaded guilty to intruding on the privacy of a woman has been dismissed by the Bermuda Police Service.

Sean Simons leaves the service with immediate effect after the plea and an internal review process.

Darrin Simons, the Commissioner of Police, said: “While the dismissal of a colleague is always difficult, members of the BPS must at all times act in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional behaviour.

“Where that standard is not met, the matter is reviewed and appropriate action is taken.

“As Commissioner of Police, I can say without reservation that, overwhelmingly, the women and men who make up your police service continually strive to serve with the highest standards of integrity in their efforts to make our community safer for all.“

After his guilty plea at Magistrates’ Court in November, Simons, 52, from Pembroke, was given bail but ordered to appear in court again on January 5 for sentencing.

Prosecutors during the trial said that on the afternoon of June 11, 2021, he was at a Hamilton restaurant when a woman stood up to go to the bathroom.

The court heard that Simons got up and walked into the victim’s personal space.

Prosecutor Shaunté Simons-Fox told the court: “The defendant stood close to the complainant, almost touching her face with his face.

“The complainant stated that she felt offended by what the defendant did and she pushed the defendant with her hand in his upper chest and told him to get out of her personal space.

“The defendant immediately raised his hands in the air and stated, ‘You touched my chest and I could touch you’.

“He immediately gripped her and lifted her off the ground in a bear hug with both his hands, placing her above his height. The complainant stated that she shouted at the defendant repeatedly to put her down.

“The defendant eventually put her down after the complainant pleaded with him three times to do so.”

She added: “Whilst the defendant was putting the complainant on the ground, he kissed her twice on her right cheek and once on her neck.”

The court heard that the victim was eventually able to get to the bathroom but once there, heard someone banging on the door and calling her name.

When she tried to return to her table, Simons grabbed her around her waist, only letting go after she repeatedly told him to leave her alone.

Ms Simons-Fox said: “The complainant stated that during her interaction with the defendant, she smelt the scent of alcohol on his breath. He appeared to be spitting whilst talking to her and his eyes appeared bloodshot.”

The victim suffered from a bruised back in the incident and felt “embarrassed, humiliated and offended” by Simons’s actions.

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