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Woman throws bottle at moving traffic

Police are calling for information about a woman who allegedly threw a bottle at moving traffic (File photograph)

A mother has said she feared for her safety and that of her daughter after a woman allegedly threw a glass bottle at moving traffic on North Shore Road.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said that she had been driving in an easterly direction near Empire Grocery in Devonshire last Wednesday evening when a woman threw the bottle at a motorcyclist going in the opposite direction.

She said the bottle landed in her lane, inches from her car and caused her to flinch and swerve in the road.

“This could have caused a severe accident or injury to someone,” the woman said. “It was thrown at a motorist going by and it shattered in my lane just before my vehicle.

“I had to swerve to get out of the way. I was in the car with my young daughter. We both flinched; it startled us.

“I didn’t stop but as I was driving I saw the woman looking hostile at the person going the other way. She was making a lot of noise and her hand was in the air where she had let go of the projectile. I couldn’t believe it.

“I was also very concerned that if it hit my car – who would have been responsible for damages? I am a single parent trying to pay bills and take care of everything else.”

The mother said she was considering filing a report to the police, adding that she had some concerns about the condition of the woman’s mental health.

A spokesman for the Bermuda Police Service confirmed that no report had been made as of yesterday.

He said: “Speaking generally, and not about the alleged incident in question, each year there are infrequent reports made to police of objects being thrown at motorists by individuals.

“The BPS can confirm no one has been charged in relation to this alleged incident.

“The police have the authority to act on various matters they may encounter while on patrol or when information is provided regarding an alleged offence or after a formal complaint is received.

“As it pertains to this alleged incident, once it was brought to the attention of the BPS, additional attention was focused on the location where the incident was said to have occurred.

“While this alleged incident has yet to be reported, we can assure the public that the BPS has a close working relationship with a variety of community partners, including the Bermuda Hospitals Board.

“If additional expertise is required from outside the BPS to address any specific concerns regarding a reported matter, the relevant agency or agencies would be consulted.

“If any member of the public is targeted by, or witnesses, an act of violence or disruption of the peace being committed, they are advised to immediately contact police by calling 911, 211 or, 295-0011 and make a report.”