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Shaundae Jones (File photograph)

• Victim: Shaundae Jones, 20,

• Date and location of murder: April 27, 2003, near Club Malabar in Dockyard.

• Circumstances: Mr Jones was shot at point-blank range in Dockyard as he left the Club Malabar nightclub with friends at about 3am. The assailant emerged from the crowd, ran to the car he was about to enter, and opened fire.

Mr Jones, from Warwick, was fatally shot once in the chest. His killer fled the scene.

The Bermuda College student had given evidence three months earlier about the 2001 stabbing death of Tekle Mallory at Ice Queen, in Paget.

His murder, which shocked the community, was seen by the Bermuda Police Service as the catalyst that spurred tit-for-tat cycles of violence and murder over subsequent years.

Charges were later dropped against a man, extradited from Jamaica in connection with the case, after a key witness failed to testify.

The victim’s mother, Marsha Jones, has remained a consistent advocate for people to come forward and work with police in the island’s cycle of murders.

St Clair McDonald Augustus (File photograph)

• Victim: St Clair McDonald Augustus, 55.

• Date and location of murder: April 6, 2009, Washington Street North, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Augustus, known as Gus, was a homeless man who often stayed at the Salvation Army centre on North Street, Pembroke, and would also sleep in a container near by.

He was last seen that February 26 in the Friswell’s Hill, Devonshire area.

Mr Augustus’s badly burnt body was discovered after a fire in a derelict cottage that was often used for shelter by the homeless, and was known for drug use.

The death was quickly deemed suspicious, and according to police, Mr Augustus had been fatally stabbed.

Kenwandee Robinson (File photograph)

• Victim: Kenwandee “Wheels” Robinson, 27.

• Date and location of murder: May 22, 2009, St Monica’s Road, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Robinson was socialising with a group of friends when two men on a motorcycle drove past and opened fire.

Mr Robinson was fatally hit in the torso, and another man was seriously injured. The weapon used had been linked to other murders.

Mr Robinson was a father who had been discussing marriage with his girlfriend.

Police ascribed the attack to the simmering rivalry between the criminal gangs known as Parkside and 42, with Mr Robinson believed to be associated with the latter.

Another shooting the next morning on Court Street left three people injured — and the island’s spate of gun murders escalated with reprisal attacks in the ensuing months.

The one-year anniversary of Mr Robinson’s death ended with an exchange of gunfire between the two gangs, again on St Monica’s Road.

James Lawes (File photograph)

• Victim: James “Junior” Lawes, 26.

• Date and location of murder: March 19, 2010, Dundonald Street, Hamilton.

• Circumstances: Mr Lawes, a 26-year-old Jamaican national who was just four months married, was shot outside his apartment building near Place’s Place bar.

A father of one, Mr Lawes had been chatting with a group of men shortly before 11pm when a motorcycle approached during a bustling Friday night.

The vehicle had already pursued another man, who managed to escape on foot on Court Street.

The vehicle mounted the sidewalk near the group at the entrance to the Dundonald Street apartments. The pillion passenger got off the bike and fired 11 shots, hitting Mr Lawes and wounding two other men.

The victim was taken to hospital, but died of his injuries a day later.

The weapon used was forensically linked to other murders, including the killing of Troy “Yankee” Rawlins on August 9, 2010.

Police said Mr Lawes had no gang affiliation and that the shooting appeared “indiscriminate”.

Kimwandae Walker (File photograph)

• Victim: Kimwandae Walker, 35.

• Date and location of murder: April 2, 2010, Victor Scott Primary School, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Walker, from Pembroke, was flying a kite at a Good Friday fun day with his nine-year-old son and four-year-old daughter.

Dozens were out with kites when, at 2.15pm, two men rode through the school field on a motorcycle and opened fire.

Mr Walker’s son fled alongside him, while his daughter took shelter behind play equipment.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr Walker fell to the ground after being shot, got up and ran behind a van, but was pursued by the gunman and shot multiple times.

The riders fled on their bike, cutting through the school’s parking lot and heading north on The Glebe Road.

The brazen daylight attack in front of children, unprecedented even amid spiralling gun violence in Bermuda, left the community stunned.

Frederick Maybury (File photograph)

• Victim: Frederick Maybury, 34.

• Date and location of murder: June 14, 2010, Boaz Island, Sandys.

• Circumstances: Mr Maybury, a father of two, was shot several times outside the popular Sandys bar Woody’s on Malabar Road at 12.35am.

A self-employed plumber, he was said to have been planning to head home and check in on his 13-year-old son when he was ambushed by two men, thought to have been masked and each brandishing a firearm.

Once more, the weapon, a .40-calibre semiautomatic gun, was linked to a string of other shootings and murders.

Police said 16 months later they still did not know whether Mr Maybury was the intended target, acknowledging suggestions that he may have been mistaken for another.

The murder bore the hallmarks of a gang-motivated attack, however.

Jahmiko LeShore (File photograph)

• Victim: Jahmiko LeShore, 26.

• Date and location of murder: March 1, 2011, Boundary Crescent, Devonshire.

• Circumstances: Mr LeShore had arrived on a motorcycle at 8.30pm at the home of his heavily pregnant girlfriend, and had just parked the bike when he was ambushed.

His girlfriend and her mother had arrived home in their car just a few minutes earlier.

Mr LeShore, who lived near by on Devon Springs Lane, had come to the front door when the lone gunman fired at him three times.

His attacker was thought to have fled on a motorcycle.

Police said they believed the attack was carried out by the Parkside gang as part of its continuing battle with rivals 42.

The weapon used was linked to other Parkside attacks, and Mr LeShore had grown up in the general area of Pembroke that was tied to 42.

His son was born just a couple of weeks after his death.

Jason Smith (File photograph)

• Victim: Jason Smith, 22.

• Date and location of murder: May 1, 2011, Overview Hill, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Smith, a lance corporal in the Royal Bermuda Regiment, was looking forward to returning to school, and was headed to a friend’s house after a night out socialising in Hamilton.

The group had attended a few establishments on an ordinary evening on the town.

Police could find no motive for what happened next, but Mr Smith may have been targeted by mistake.

There was no suggestion of any gang links, but police said they believed his murder was carried out by gang members.

The group had repaired to a residence on North Shore Road. Mr Smith had gone to his car, parked earlier in the night on Overview Hill, to retrieve belongings.

He was walking back alone at 3.50am when a masked gunman walked up from the direction of Mount Hill behind him, and shot him twice.

Joshua Robinson (File photograph)

• Victim: Joshua Robinson, 31.

• Date and location of murder: June 23, 2012, Jason’s Barber Shop, North Shore Road, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: The daylight murder of Mr Robinson, in front of customers at Jason’s Barber Shop, a small business that was a meeting point in its community, once more sent shock around the island.

Two men on a motorbike pulled up at the establishment at about 5.15pm, with the gunman running inside and opening fire, leaving Mr Robinson, a young father, mortally wounded.

He was said to have been attacked while sitting in a barber’s chair.

The two assailants fled west on the motorcycle.

Police branded the attack premeditated and gang-related. The community rallied around the stricken establishment, which reopened for business with bolstered security.

The murder was especially painful to the victim’s loved ones, as Mr Robinson was cousin to Kenwandee Robinson, shot dead in May 2009.

Rudy Smith (File photograph)

• Victim: Rudy Smith, 41.

• Date and location of murder: unknown.

• Circumstances: Rudy Smith’s last known whereabouts was One-Way Deepdale Road in Pembroke on July 9, 2012.

Mr Smith has not been seen since — although the motorcycle he was last spotted riding was discovered in the water off North Shore near Grace Church, Pembroke, not long after he disappeared.

The lack of any trace in the 11 years since sets his disappearance apart from the island’s 32 other unsolved murders since 2003.

Police acknowledged as much that August, when they announced they were in the “unusual position” of treating it as a murder investigation.

Public expressions of grief from his family, who repeatedly pleaded with the community to help them gain closure, have failed to yield leads.

But his loved ones, along with police, remain adamant that those with knowledge of the case must come forward.

Detective Inspector Jason Smith, commenting on the 20th anniversary of Mr Smith’s disappearance, said investigators had “a number of persons of interest to this inquiry”.

He added it was believed that “there were a number of people directly involved in Rudy Smith’s murder”.

Michael Phillips (File photograph)

• Victim: Michael Phillips, 42.

• Date and location of murder: October 14, 2012, Mid Atlantic Boat Club, Devonshire.

• Circumstances: Mr Phillips, a taxi driver and father of two daughters, visited the club, where he was said to be a regular patron.

Shortly after 9.35pm, as he was preparing to leave on his motorcycle, a gunman ran into the parking lot and opened fire.

Another suspect entered the club and fired three shots from a handgun, sending patrons scattering but causing no injuries.

Police said there were about 30 people on the premises.

In the aftermath, police lamented a lacklustre response to the call for witnesses or anyone with possible information.

Jonathan Dill (File photograph)

• Victim: Jonathan Dill, 30.

• Date and location of murder: September 2, 2013, The Glebe Road, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Dill, from Pembroke, was shot in the back of the head by a lone gunman at about 10.20pm outside a home on The Glebe Road, close to its junction with St Monica’s Road.

The suspect fled on a motorcycle.

The victim was survived by a wife and seven-year-old daughter.

Police said the shooting was unquestionably gang-related.

Mr Dill had links to the 42 gang and had previously served jail time for his involvement in a shooting.

It was the street’s second violent death in two weeks.

Concerns were aired in the aftermath over the effectiveness of CCTV cameras.

The neighbourhood had been one of Bermuda’s first to have them installed in 2011, but their presence seemed no deterrent to the area’s plague of violence.

Erin Richardson (File photograph)

• Victim: Erin Richardson, 29.

• Date and location of murder: April 23, 2014, Riviera Crescent, Southampton.

• Circumstances: Mr Richardson, a construction worker, came with a criminal record, but was described by family as big-hearted and keen to get on with life.

He had been released from prison for his role in a robbery, and was abiding by the terms of his parole, staying with relatives and wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

At about 10.45pm, Mr Richardson was sitting on a wall outside the home when he was shot multiple times, and fatally wounded as he attempted to get back indoors.

His aunt, who resided at the house, told The Royal Gazette she was so traumatised after hearing the killing outside that she could no longer stay there.

Job Tucker (File photograph)

• Victim: Job Tucker, 22.

• Date and location of murder: July 21, 2015, Woodlawn Road, Sandys.

• Circumstances: Mr Tucker’s life was claimed in a stabbing instead of gunfire.

Police reported an altercation with the victim by a group of males who had gathered outside Mr Tucker’s residence on Woodlawn Road.

Mr Tucker was stabbed in the abdomen during the confrontation, and retreated indoors. His assailants tried to pursue him, breaking windows in an unsuccessful attempt to gain entry.

The victim was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment, but succumbed to the injury the next morning.

The murder was not random, police said, but “what appears to be a targeted attack by unscrupulous individuals”.

Patrick Dill (File photograph)

• Victim: Patrick Dill, 26.

• Date and location of murder: May 22, 2016, Crossland Lane, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Patrick Dill was shot dead outside his home at 10.45pm, as he was about to get into his car to attend a party.

The father of two, a popular member of staff at the Elbow Beach Hotel who had gone on to work in IT, did not have any connections to Bermuda’s gang culture, according to police.

His murder, days before his 27th birthday, left colleagues, friends and family in disbelief.

In the aftermath, former Anglican bishop Ewen Ratteray said of Bermuda’s murders: “We are becoming immune to it. It affects us, but only for a short time. We have been desensitised in many ways.”

Two men were arrested but bailed, and as years went by with no charges laid, Mr Dill’s murder joined regular police appeals at the anniversary of a killing for people in the community to come forward.

Fiqre Crockwell (File photograph)

• Victim: Fiqre Crockwell, 30.

• Date and location of murder: June 20, 2016, Woodlands Road, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Fiqre Crockwell, a father as well as a St George’s Cup Match and Bermuda cricketer, was fatally shot shortly before 3am as revellers walked out from a Heroes Weekend function at the BAA car park.

Mr Crockwell had left the party with friends when a gunman, believed to have been waiting near the junction with DeSilva Close, approached and shot him.

His attacker attempted to escape on a motorcycle, but the vehicle failed to start.

The suspect fled north on Woodlands Road, with some of Mr Crockwell’s friends in pursuit.

Mr Crockwell had no apparent link to gang activity. Instead, his murder highlighted the growing ranks of children left fatherless by the island’s gun violence.

Jason Mello (File photograph)

• Victim: Jason Mello, 25.

• Date and location of murder: August 19, 2016, Bandroom Lane, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Mello was believed to be home from school in England over the summer holidays, hoping to earn some money towards his tuition costs.

He was the father of a six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

Mr Mello was struck by several gunshots at 7.40pm on Bandroom Lane.

The gunman was believed to have arrived on a motorcycle, dressed in heavy, dark-coloured winter clothing, and parked higher up on the road.

He approached Mr Mello and opened fire, retreated to the vehicle, and escaped through St Monica’s Road.

Mr Mello was taken to the hospital in a car, but pronounced dead.

The attack came just 72 hours after a shooting at Hamilton Parish Workman’s Club.

The Progressive Labour Party, then in Opposition, branded the island’s resurgent gun violence “a national crisis”.

Isaiah Furbert (File photograph)

• Victim: Isaiah Furbert, 19.

• Date and location of murder: October 18, 2016, Upland Street, Devonshire.

• Circumstances: Mr Furbert was fatally shot at 10pm at his mother’s home on Upland Street — the same residence where, nine months later, 20-year-old Jahcari Francis would be shot dead.

Compounding the mystery, Mr Furbert had posted a cryptic Twitter post about death just minutes before he was shot through a bedroom window.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital just a half-hour after posting it.

The teen was the island’s youngest gun fatality in a decade.

His mother told The Royal Gazette in a 2017 interview that Isaiah was with two other boys in his room when three gunshots rang out.

She said her son was well-liked, but that family ties with the St Monica’s neighbourhood might have sparked animosity.

Deshaun Berkley (File photograph)

• Victim: Deshaun Berkley, 30.

• Date and location of murder: December 8, 2016, Western Stars Sports Club, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Berkley had been attending a party at the club on St John’s Road when he was fatally shot at about 1.20am.

The event was being held in memory of Garry “Fingas” Cann, who lost his life in a December 2009 shooting.

Close to 100 family members and friends of Mr Cann were said to have been at the party.

Mr Berkley left behind a two-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter.

In appealing for the public’s help, police alluded to an incident on Court Street earlier that month involving Mr Berkley and “other men”.

Police also said there were suspicions the attack had been gang-related.

Five men were arrested and bailed in connection with Mr Berkley’s shooting — but to date no one has been charged.

Jahni Outerbridge (File photograph)

• Victim: Jahni Outerbridge, 31.

• Date and location of murder: January 29, 2017, Mid Atlantic Boat Club, Devonshire.

• Circumstances: Mr Outerbridge attended the club on a Sunday evening, and was in its parking lot off North Shore Road when a gunman, who police said arrived and left on foot, fired upon him at about 11.20pm.

Police said roughly 50 people were on the premises.

Patrons of the members’ club told The Royal Gazette they believed Mr Outerbridge had been followed to the premises by his assailant.

The killing marked the first murder investigation of 2017 — to a backdrop of the Government implementing Operation Ceasefire.

The programme, modelled on Boston’s successful anti-gang strategy, focused on engaging with those involved in gangs and helping members find a way out.

Jahcari Francis (File photograph)

• Victim: Jahcari Francis, 20.

• Date and location of murder: July 19, 2017, Upland Street, Devonshire.

• Circumstances: Mr Francis, a close friend of Isaiah Furbert, was fatally shot in the same home where his friend had died, in what police described as an identical scenario.

It was thought likely that Mr Francis fell victim to the protracted feud between the 42 and Parkside gangs. Mr Francis had been associated with the former.

There were three other people in the home when his assailant fired upon Mr Francis from the outside at about 10.45pm.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arretta Furbert, the mother of Isaiah Furbert, said her son’s friend had moved in after getting injured in a bike crash.

She described hearing two shots as the glass of the house’s French door shattered.

“To have two children die at your feet is the most awful experience you can imagine,” she said.

“Sometimes I see Isaiah lying there and I can hear Jahcari calling to me.”

Jahkoby Smith (File photograph)

• Victim: Jahkoby Smith, 21.

• Date and location of murder: July 29, 2017, West End Sailboat Club, Sandys.

• Circumstances: Mr Smith lost his life in a stabbing when a mêlée broke out at the wake for Jahcari Francis, ten days after Mr Francis was shot dead.

Mr Smith was fatally wounded at the club at about 7.15pm during a brawl that police said was not retaliatory but an outburst of antisocial behaviour fuelled by alcohol and, possibly, drugs.

Alcohol had been consumed at the church service at Christ Church in Devonshire, as well as at the graveside before the wake in the West End.

Mr Smith was given first aid by police until EMTs arrived on the scene — but he died in hospital from his injuries.

Describing the victim as a young man with “so much love in his heart for his family”, Mr Smith’s aunt pleaded with members of the public with any possible information to come forward.

Taylor Grier (File photograph)

• Victim: Taylor Grier, 30.

• Date and location of murder: July 27, 2018, Court Street, Hamilton.

• Circumstances: Court Street was bustling at about 10pm on a Friday when two men on a motorcycle, dressed in dark clothing and full-face visor helmets, drove from Tills Hill to the junction with Elliott Street where a group of men had gathered.

The gunman dismounted and opened fire, hitting two men as the crowd scattered.

The vehicle fled north, turning east on Angle Street.

Mr Grier, father of a young daughter and a founding member of the dance group Bermuda Squad, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

He was known for using dance to spread an antiviolence message, and had become a mentor to other young men.

Police confirmed the attack had stemmed from the island’s gang activity, but emphasised there was nothing to indicate that Mr Grier had been involved.

Danshun Swann (File photograph)

• Victim: Danshun Swann, 25.

• Date and location of murder: August 27, 2018, Southampton Rangers Sports Club.

• Circumstances: Danshun Swann was fatally stabbed shortly after midnight when a fight erupted between more than 20 men outside Southampton Rangers Sports Club.

Police said Mr Swann had been trying to break up the fight when he was stabbed in the abdomen.

They appealed for the community to be guided by conscience, underscoring that many were believed to have witnessed the attack.

Mr Swann was said to have been a shooting victim eight years previously.

Two men were arrested in connection with his death, but were released on police bail.

A relative of Mr Swann told The Royal Gazette: “I hope that events like this encourage people to genuinely not be afraid to speak up; if you know something, say something.”

Paul Johnson (File photograph)

• Victim: Paul Johnson, 33.

• Date and location of murder: December 10, 2018, Rambling Lane, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Johnson was shot dead just before 3am when he arrived home. Police said they believed his assailant had lain in wait for him.

He had attended a party at the former Grand Bar on Church Street, Hamilton, then left in a car with friends and later arrived home on his motorcycle.

Mr Johnson was hit several times. Police gave first aid after finding him collapsed outside his door, but he succumbed to the injuries.

Investigators said a year on from his death that several witnesses had been interviewed — but there were “still members of our community that have not come forward”.

Clarke Fox (File photograph)

• Victim: Clarke Fox, 18.

• Date and location of murder: March 17, 2020, Court Street, Hamilton.

• Circumstances: Clarke Fox was shot in broad daylight at about 2.45pm as he stood near the junction of Court Street and Elliott Street in North Hamilton.

In what police branded “brazen” public violence, 18 shots were fired in the area surrounding the junction.

Some of the cartridges indicated that bullets likely struck cars.

Two suspects on a motorcycle opened fire as they headed south on Court Street, pursuing Mr Fox on to Elliott Street and sending bystanders scrambling for cover.

The passenger on the motorcycle kept shooting as Mr Fox continued running. Their victim died from his injuries overnight in hospital.

Stephen Corbishley, then the police commissioner, condemned the indiscriminate shooting, adding: “This is not the Wild West, not a Hollywood movie — this is life.”

Garrina Cann (File photograph)

• Victim: Garrina Cann, 31.

• Date and location of murder: September 29, 2020, Sunset Lane, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Ms Cann was fatally shot at her home at about 12.20am while the last half-dozen or so guests remained at the property from a party that evening.

The group was said to be marking a birthday on the porch of her home when a gunman approached on foot and opened fire.

Her murder happened in front of family and friends.

Police said three motorcycles in the area that night were being treated as suspicious.

In particular, they sought a man, said to be about 5ft 7in, wearing dark clothes and riding a black and yellow motorcycle.

They also confirmed that Ms Cann had been the target of threats leading up to the attack.

The victim’s brother, Garry Cann, had been killed in a shooting in December 2009.

Jordan Outerbridge (File photograph)

• Victim: Jordan Outerbridge, 37.

• Date and location of murder: April 6, 2021, Tribe Road No 2 and the Railway Trail in Warwick.

• Circumstances: Jordan Outerbridge, a married father of two, had no links to gang activity, and police attributed his murder to mistaken identity.

His daughter was 18 months old, and he had an ten-year-old stepdaughter.

He worked as a network engineer for the communications firm Link Bermuda and was well-known and loved among his colleagues.

Mr Outerbridge had just finished playing cards with a group of friends, and was heading home from a residence at about 10.30pm.

The first out the door, he was shot several times in the chest.

A motorcycle was believed to have prowled the area of Tribe Road No 2 for a half-hour before the attack.

The suspects were believed to be gang members, and police said their likely intended target also had gang affiliations but was not among those at the card game that night.

Their motorcycle is believed to have gone west on Ord Road and continued to Hamilton.

There was an 11pm curfew in effect for Covid-19, and police called for anyone who noticed a vehicle driven erratically after hours to get in contact with them.

Laje Franklin (File photograph)

• Victim: Laje Franklin, 18.

• Date and location of murder: April 6, 2022, Southside Road near Pepper Hall Road, St George’s.

• Circumstances: Police said Mr Franklin’s body was found near the roundabout on the roadway leading to Clearwater Beach in St David’s, shortly after 6.30am.

He had been shot several times, and investigators said that forensic evidence recovered at the scene confirmed that Mr Franklin had been shot near where his body was found.

A suspect was arrested in connection with the murder, and police appealed to members of the public who may have seen a group of motorbikes leaving St George's at about 11pm on April 5 to get in contact.

Police also urged anyone who may have heard suspicious noises or witnessed anyone acting in a suspicious manner in the area of Tommy Fox Road or near the Gulfstream residences at Southside, between 11pm and the early hours of April 6, to make themselves known.

Che Jennings (File photograph)

• Victim: Che Jennings, 24.

• Date and location of murder: April 7, 2022, Warwick Workmen’s Club, Warwick.

• Circumstances: Mr Jennings lost his life just after an Easter event at the club on Cobbs Hill Road that was attended by about 100 children and their families.

He was fatally shot in the club’s parking lot at about 8.30pm.

The murder came swiftly on the heels of the shooting of Laje Franklin, but police did not believe the two to be related.

Investigators said they wanted to hear from anyone who might have seen two men on a white motorcycle, heading east on Middle Road in Warwick, shortly after 8.30pm.

The rider wore a red jacket, while the passenger had on a yellow jacket. Police released a CCTV clip showing the vehicle in transit.

Police did not specify gang motives, but described a splintering of the island’s main criminal gangs post-2014, with more factions willing to resort to gun crime.

Keyoshe Robinson (File photograph)

• Victim: Keyoshe Robinson, 22.

• Date and location of murder: May 5, 2022, near the St Regis Golf Course, St George’s.

• Circumstances: Mr Robinson, from St George’s, was reported missing on May 4, and last seen in the town the day before at about 10pm.

He wore grey sweatpants, a dark sleeveless puffy vest and a grey hoodie with black rings around the sleeve cuffs, as well as white trainers.

On May 5, police discovered his body by the shoreline near the 10th hole of the St Regis Golf Course. He had been fatally shot.

Detectives said they believed that Mr Robinson knew his killers, and may have been lured to the location where he met his death.

Keni Outerbridge (File photograph)

• Victim: Keni Outerbridge, 20.

• Date and location of murder: December 6, 2022, Tribe Road No 5, Paget.

• Circumstances: Mr Outerbridge, known to friends as Loppi, was at a party when he was shot on the property at about 10.15pm.

Mr Outerbridge was found lying in the road suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police sought two suspects believed to have travelled to the crime scene on foot from South Road, and who left the same way.

Tributes in the aftermath depicted a congenial young man who had struggled academically but developed a keen work ethic.

Five years before, he had begun work with the America’s Cup SoftBank Team Japan, and subsequently volunteered with the team. Mr Outerbridge was also working on obtaining his GED.

Kyari Flood (File photograph)

• Victim: Kyari Flood, 23.

• Date and location of murder: February 13, 2023, in the area of Friswell’s Road and Border Lane South, Pembroke.

• Circumstances: Mr Flood’s body was discovered at about 1pm on February 14 in a secluded spot off South Terrace — a derelict cottage in an overgrown yard. He had been shot.

Area residents reported gunshots the night before at 10pm, but the hilltop complicated police efforts to pinpoint the location.

Mr Flood had been the victim of gunfire before, when he was wounded in the March 2020 attack on Court Street that claimed the life of Clarke Fox.

The victim, from Pembroke, was said by family to have embarked on a new course in life after time in prison for breaking his parole for robbery.

Mr Flood had come out of incarceration to find steady employment, and was said to be looking forward to returning to England to his father and sister.