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Several shot in Pembroke firearms incident

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A series of shots rang out on Middle Town Lane in Pembroke shortly after 2pm (Photograph by Jonathan Bell)

Several people were shot in a firearms incident in Pembroke yesterday afternoon, police have confirmed.

Detective Chief Inspector Derricka Burns said at the scene: “Just after 2pm, police responded to reports of gunshots heard in the Middle Town Lane area.

“What we know so far is that several people have been shot.

“We do know that there was a group of persons who were socialising in the area when someone opened fire.

“We know so far that at least four people have been shot.

“We have a team of investigators that are on scene and are conducting house-to-house inquiries, as well as our forensic support unit, which is collecting evidence at the scene.”

She added: “This is another unfortunate incident, in broad daylight, and we are asking anyone with any information to contact our serious crime unit on 295-0011.

“No matter how minimal you think it is, we urge people to come forward so that we can find out the details of this incident and find out who is responsible.”

Ms Burns said that the four people were being treated at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

This comes on the heels of shots fired at Parsons Road by the junction with Rambling Lane, which adjoins the neighbourhood, on Sunday evening. There were no injuries reported in that incident.

Ms Burns also confirmed that the shooting happened in the lane, rather than in a residence.

Witnesses were also urged to call 211 or call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline, 800-8477, as soon as possible.

A police spokesman added: “We are all in this together. This is not just a police matter; this is a Bermuda matter.”

Firearm incidents in 2024

February 3: Multiple shots are heard by Pembroke residents at about 12.35am, with police finding evidence of shots fired on Crossland Lane

February 25: A single shot is reported at about 4.20pm at South Avenue, Southampton. No one is found injured

February 27: Shots are fired outside a home at Tribe Road No 5 in Paget

March 10: A 38-year-old man is shot multiple times outside the Spinning Wheel club on Court Street

March 19: Multiple shots are heard in the area of West Park Lane in Pembroke. A bullet is found inside a residence in the area of Ingham Vale

April 15: Shots are heard in the Devil’s Hole area of Smith’s at about 12.30am. No one appears to have been injured

April 26: Two armed assailants targeted a man sat in a parked car on Alexandra Road, Devonshire. The victim escaped without injury

April 28: Gunshots heard in the area of Parson’s Road, Pembroke at about 11pm

May 2: Reported firearms incident in the area of Middle Town Lane, Pembroke, at about 2.05pm

Michael Weeks, the Minister of National Security, described the shooting as “troubling”, and appealed for witnesses to co-operate with the police.

He said: “The fact that a shooting occurred in broad daylight, causing harm to several individuals, is alarming and unsettling for us all.

“I am sure that there are individuals out there who have information about the shooters in today’s incident. I am urging you to please come forward and assist the authorities in their investigation. Your cooperation can help us apprehend those responsible for this violence.

“Let me emphasise this with sincerity — ignoring what you know today could have devastating consequences tomorrow.

“Please, if you have any knowledge that can aid in this investigation, do not hesitate to speak up. Your courage in sharing critical information can make a significant difference in ensuring the safety of our community.”

Ben Smith, the One Bermuda Alliance spokesman on national security, said that he was “sickened, angry, but most of all saddened” by the latest shooting.

He added that criminals were becoming increasingly brazen.

Mr Smith said: “The fact that there are multiple victims compounds the severity of this incident.

“Perpetrators are becoming more and more reckless, with no fear of shooting in broad daylight and actions like these need to end. Nine gun incidents in three months is reprehensible. What is becoming of our island home? Where has the moral fibre gone?

“Bermuda was once a peaceful paradise and we can no longer claim that easily but we need our island home to return to what it once was — a place where we could move around without apprehension.

“I would like to implore members of the public to support the Bermuda Police Service during this ongoing investigation. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. We cannot afford to remain silent.”

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