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Alumni website launched

Building community: Warwick Academy principal Dave Horan (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Warwick Academy has launched a new alumni website to help keep former students in better contact with each other.

Warwick Connect was officially launched on Monday and is compatible with all the major social media networks.

Jane Vickers, director of development at Warwick Academy, told The Royal Gazette that the new initiative would revolutionise how alumni connected with one another.

“Warwick Connect provides an opportunity for alumni to connect with each other,” she said.

“It allows them to identify themselves as mentors, offer job opportunities, reconnect with old friends and reminisce about the past and look towards the future.

“There is an inherent need for people to offer guidance and mentoring acquired by one’s successes and failures and this is a perfect platform exclusively for Warwick Academy alumni.”

School principal Dave Horan added: “We highly value all of our alumni and want to continue to build on the relationships we have with them long after they have left the school.

“They carry with them knowledge, experiences and tremendous advice which can be harnessed to add value to our students, community and in terms of this product other graduates.”

The school’s former students can visit warwickConnect.com to find out more about the new platform.